ANTLER ART!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: December 25, 2023

Deer, elk, moose, and other stags have antlers. These unique bone creations are amazing. Antlers are the fastest growing bone of any mammal. Since these branched antlers extend off a buck or bull’s head, it’s easy to imagine how they can become tangled or stuck. 

Running through a forest with a huge set of antlers is bound to cause a problem, Irish Elk once carried antlers that were over 6-8 feet wide. Somehow, they were able to navigate ancient forests in Europe, until they couldn’t. This probably why they are extinct today. 

As deer range into more urban areas, they manage to become entangled with just about anything. Christmas lights are a common holiday antler decoration. Usually, a buck is strong enough to tear them free. Balls have become stuck between or on sharp antlers. Fencing, rope, wiring, netting, twine, vines, shrubs, swings, and other junk end up becoming adorned with deer antlers. One buck managed to become entangled in heavy wires wrapped on rebar!

Maybe it’s because bucks are looking for attention or want to be special and unique. Bucks habitually rub on trees to mark their territories, in a town that may include a playground, garden, backyard or… 

Bucks often interlock with one another. Severe entanglements with each other or strong wires and fencing often result in death. Occasionally, folks discover tangled deer and can set them free. The only good news is that eventually the antlers will fall off or shed. A buck can get a new entangled look next year!

Deer headgear looks sharp!

Montana Grant

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