By angelamontana

Posted: January 7, 2024

Big Sky Country is known as the Last Best Place. There are certainly other “Best” places around the world and America, but Montana is special. If you are planning a trip to Montana, consider what your personal” Best” wants are. The Treasure State is large, diverse, and full of great Best Things to Do!

Ones person’s “BEST” things are different from others. For me, I do not ski. If there was great hunting and fishing at the end of a ski run, I would probably risk life and limb and learn how to ski. For others, Skiing is life. You can see them on crutches at the airport and hospital. The Last Best Place that I would go in Montana would not be a ski slope!

Focus on your interests, sports, and hobbies. Consider who will be coming along. Family, friends, guests? Make sur that you include their Best Ideas too. My wife used to love camping. Now that we have aged, her idea of camping is seeing a tree outside the hotel window. 

Montana is not a seafood lovers’ destination. Rocky Mountain Oysters are common but not for everyone’s taste, but if you love grass fed beef, Bison, and microbrews, you will not be disappointed. Wheat and Barley farmers harvest a lot of grain for brewing and distilling. The huckleberry adds unique Big Sky Flavors. Everytown and city has a menu of great tastes. 

History buffs can travel the Bozeman Trail or explore battlefields where Custer was killed, or The Nez Perce escaped. Rockhounds will love Butte, where minerals and mining are the Best. Photographers will find the “Best” everywhere they go. Just pick a theme. Maybe search the mountains or the wild g, open grasslands. 

Camping has also changed. Tents are rarely used except when backpacking. Big RV; s are more common. Rental homes have also become a big deal. Just make sure that your rental is near where you want to play. Hiking trips limit the distances but really allow you to savor the “Best” along the trail. 

Hunters and anglers need to consider what critter they are looking for. Antelope are more available in eastern Montana. There is more trout fishing in western Montana. North central Montana offers the best bird hunting. It may take a few trips to enjoy it all.

National Parks are Best Places. The problem is that Glacier Park and Yellowstone Park are at opposite ends of the state. We estimate drive time in Big Sky Country in hours, not miles. There are also wonderful and Best National Forests and public lands. Each has a special use depending on your interests. Timing is also a Big choice. The busy Summer vacation can be a circus. Maybe pick a less popular time to go. 

Montana is like Prime Rib. Some eaters feast on the fat while others cut it away. The rub can add flavor if it is not overcooked. The large cut is better depending on your appetite. The Best Prime Rib is not just in one place. Some remote steak places have better Prime Rib than the busy city food spots. Cheaper too. 

One thing is for sure, Montana is a special place. 

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