MSU Extension wildlife specialist co-hosting second season of ‘Working Wild U’ podcast
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: January 8, 2024

BOZEMAN – A new season of “Working Wild University,” a podcast co-hosted by Montana State University Extension wildlife specialist Jared Beaver, will premiere Jan. 9 and examine the past 50 years of endangered species conservation in the United States.

The new season, titled “Imperiled,” will include co-host Hallie Mahowald, chief programs officer for the nonprofit Western Landowners Alliance, field producer Zach Altman and writer-editor Louis Wertz.

The season will feature visits to farms, ranches, research stations and Native American communities across the West. Episodes will cover well-known species like grizzly bears and salmon, as well as lesser-known species such as mountain plovers, prairie chickens and arctic grayling. The hosts will talk to people about how communities are working to conserve species and the factors that have led to success.

“Working Wild University” is a part of the Natural Resources University podcast network, which focuses on delivering science-based information for natural resource management. Fellow network podcasts include “Deer University,” “Fins,” “Fur and Feathers,” “Fire University” and “Wild Turkey Science.”

Episodes will be available in batches throughout the winter at and on major podcast services.

New Podcast!

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