RESOLUTIONS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: January 5, 2024

It’s that time of year when everyone makes their New Resolutions. These goals are supposed to make you stronger, happier, skinnier. And better. Even though we make a noble effort to be better, we often fail. We stay fat, move less, do less, and become less satisfied.

Outdoorsmen and women have a better chance at succeeding. Our seasonal sports often inspire us to do more and be better. Success is so strong that we follow through with our resolutions. As we age, it becomes harder to do the physical and mental stuff, but we can still find ways to adapt and adjust.

Try out these New Years Outdoorsperson Resolutions!

Pursue your sport at least one day a week. That’s 4 times a month, and 36 times a year! Surely this is an obtainable goal. 

Learn a New Skill or Sport. If you just hunt, maybe try some fishing. They are great to eat, and the seasons and limits are bigger. Once addicted to fishing, it is for life. There are also many other shooting, fishing, camping, and outdoor sports worth a look at. Different species and locations require new and different skills and gear.

Find some new places to go.  New hunting spots are becoming harder to find. Now is the time to start looking for them. Fishing holes are more abundant and take some to find. Look at some maps, do your homework, and explore. Plan a bucket list kind of outdoor adventure.

Make a new friend. Mentoring or teaching a friend a new sport means you will have a fresh person to tell your stories to and hear new stories from them. Kids and family are good places to start but expand your outdoor family.

Study your sport. Become a more complete student of your sport. There is always something new and important to learn. The most important things we learn in life are the things we learn after we already know everything!

Organize your gear.  Take some time to inventory your gear. Some can be sold, given away, or thrown out. Upgrade and organize it so you don’t have to waste time to find it. 

Get involved in an Outdoor/ Conservation club or organization. This is a great way to make friends while you make a difference for the environments we love. Planting trees, stream improvement projects, trash cleanups, habitat improvements, etc. You will learn new skills and give something back.

Quit being a Hater! There are too many “Haters”, Some hate guns, hunting, crowds, new sports asking questions, killing a fish, or something meaningless and not important. Our Outdoor family Brother and Sisterhood is not getting bigger. When it comes time to vote for environmental protections, we need all the help we can get. A minority of wealthy and greedy people are buying up and controlling our open public spaces. You don’t have to give up a secret fishing hole or hunting hotspot, but we can at least encourage others to become part of our sports and do it respectfully and right. You need to be a good friend to have a good friend. 

If we stay active, move more, and eat less, our bodies will be fine. Make a stick to diet of outdoor fun to keep yourself mentally and physically happy and well.

Montana Grant

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