THINGS I DON’T GET!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: January 15, 2024

We all have attitudes, opinions, and preferences about things. Life experience, things we were exposed to, or just ideas we learned influence how we understand, and see things in our lives and culture. 

Some of these things just don’t make sense or seem practical, reasonable, or sensible. Here are a few “Things” that I just don’t understand.

Pants with holes in them    People, mainly ladies, find holy pants fashionable. Why spend hundreds of dollars on pants with blown out knees and tears that almost show too much skin. Then they make sure that the pants are super tight. My Mother patched the knees in my pants after I tore them open on a school playground. If its cold, exposed skin is colder. The only thing worse than holey pants are Yoga pants that are so tight that they show every lump, roll, pimple, and shape of your body. Just go out naked. 

Constant Cellphone use    It seems crazy to always have your cellphone nearby or on your person. When we grew up, the phone could only reach the length of a twisted cord. You might make it out of the kitchen and into the living room but that was it. Everyone could listen to your conversations. We used to be able to say that we missed a call, the line was busy, or you weren’t home. Now there is a digital message that shows who, when, and leaves a voice message. No more contact excuses. Cell phones also GPS your location, and control everything in your life. With a few exceptions, due to poor signals, your life is controlled and impacted constantly. We used to go for days and hours without any phone contact. Now I get scolded if my phone is turned off or not on my person. I do like the camera features. 

Petting wild critters     Why tourists feel a need to take selfies and pet buffalo, bears, and elk is beyond me. As a hunter, I understand the risk and danger. There is a reason why they are called “Wild”. People that get injured from animal encounters due to encroaching on their personal spaces deserve what they get. Its sad when the victimized critter gets killed for protecting itself from these idiots. 

Fish Selfies    How many pictures of fish in a net are enough? Some anglers take a picture of every fish they catch, post them on Facebook, and must keep them in a library. How many pictures is enough? There is no fish catching contest that I am aware of. 

Catch and Release and Big Game giveaway.    Catch and Release is like counting coups, except the fish pay the price. Catching and releasing a fish is one thing but keeping, squeezing, dropping, and tossing the fish for cell phone pictures and videos is another. Then hunters that tag a huge deer, moose, or… give away the meat but keep only the antlers/mount. Just go buy a taxidermy head and leave the critters alone. 

Fast skiing, wheelering, off roading, running, motorcycling, mountain biking, etc.    Taking your time outdoors makes more sense. So many adrenaline junkies get injured and risk life and limb, so they can just go fast. Wilderness racing is dangerous and it’s not like they are in a hurry to go fishing or hunting. I could understand the risks if they were looking for a new fishing hole or big critter to hunt. To risk expensive gear and equipment, life, and limb just to get a thrill is not enough for me. 

“Things” matter!

Montana Grant

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