Brett French reports: Technology aids search and rescue
By angelamontana

Posted: February 29, 2024

Search and rescue calls in busy recreational areas like the Gallatin Valley have become more and more common. To assist in remote areas, the Gallatin Valley Sheriff Search and Rescue has begun utilizing drones and ebikes to speed response times to incidents. Drones can help during searches by utilizing thermal imaging cameras. They can also provide live broadcasts back to the command center to keep leaders apprised of what’s going on in the field in real-time. Ebikes are being used to help speed rescuers to sites along rutted trails in the Big Sky area. The bikes, unlike motorcycles which used to be utilized, are lighter and can be easily lifted around obstructions like fallen trees. Search and rescue is still reliant on the knowledgeable and well-trained people who volunteer their time and skills, but increasingly technology can help out when time is of the essence. To learn more, check out my story at

Written by Brett French | Outdoors Editor for the Billings Gazette
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