MOONIACS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 12, 2024

Earth’s moon is an amazing thing. The orbiting satellite impacts our electromagnetic fields, tides, weather, and calendar. Throughout time, people have looked at the moon with respect, for religious beliefs, to plan crops and know when the seasons will change. 

Winter skies are often the coldest but clearest. The moon can be seen in all its glory. Moon watching is great fun. Moon viewing can be done with the naked eye but get your binoculars and shooting scopes to get a closer look. Inexpensive telescopes are also a good way to see our close celestial neighbor. 

Here are some Moon Thoughts!

Once in a Blue Moon This event happens just once or so a year.

Shoot the Moon   Great marksmen have taken a shot or two.

Many Moons ago   A lunar cycle is a month. 

  And a cow jumped over the Moon   Makes for a great story.

Moon pies   certainly better tasting than Cow Pies. 

Moon River      A great song by Andy Williams

Moon is made of Cheese   Just some rumor started by hungry campers. 

Hanging a moon    is a crude display used to insult observers. The butt display reveals one’s distaste for others. 

Craters    The moon’s surface is littered with impact craters. Earth has 190 confirmed craters as well. The millions of lunar craters vary in size. One crater on the mons south pole is over 5 miles deep. It is here where frozen water has been discovered.

There have been other meteors and space rocks that have passed by Earth closer than the Moons orbit! Scientists believe that the moon was formed when a Mars sized object collided with the Earth 4.5 billion years ago. The left-over debris formed the moon! 

Stay Wild Moon Child!

Montana Grant

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