PERCH BAIT!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 3, 2024

Yellow Perch are experts at stealing baits. Maggots are soft, Mealworms fall apart easily, and worms are easily picked off the hook. So how can you hook these little peckers before they rob your bait off the hook? 

Try using Perch as bait! Fresh perch bait is legal and a great way to hook up. Let’s start with Perch Belly. The area of belly meat in front of the perch’s vent/anus is a perfect bait. The white color and toughness make this sliver of bait a perfect bait. Scale the belly of a perch and cut an inch long strip. Make a cut between the sliver and attach it to your jig, The tails will add action, the scent is natural, and the bait is tasty, tough, and fresh. It is also free. 

Keep an eye on perch eyes as well. Most good jigs have an eye image looking back at the perch. This eye attracts bites. A real eyeball is even better. A perch eye looks right, smells right, and tastes right. To remove the eye, use an eyeball removing tool made from a rifle cartridge and a loop of wire. Simply push the loop into the perch socket and the eyeball will pop out.

Preserving perch belly and eyeballs is simple. It’s like preserving salted pork rind in a jar. The eyeballs of most fish will work. Collect the eyeballs and place them into a glass jar. Now fill it with salt water. Keep the jar in the refrigerator until the next ice fishing trip. The belly strips will also store in the same jar. 

Use the eyeballs and belly strips on a bare hook or attached to a jig or lure. Larger strips of perch belly work well for Ling. Just hook them onto a hook and lay them on the bottom. Adding some fish glow scent helps to bring Big Ling to the tasty treat.

Looking for new ideas is Fun!

Montana Grant

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