UV is WHAT FISH SEE!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 2, 2024

Ultraviolet Light is a high frequency light band that humans cannot see. The good news is that Critters and fish can see UV light. Most critters cannot see color but can see the intensity of reflected light. 

If critters and fish do not have a cell known as Cones in their eyes, they don’t have the ability to identify colors. Most of their vision is about light/dark/flash/brite and no colors. The old fishermen say to use Gold in the sun and silver in the clouds for the best fishing results.

Fishermen are always trying to stimulate and trigger a strike. Fish will target scent, movement, sight, and behavior. If a bait shows opportunity and vulnerability at the right depth, time, and place, a strike is imminent. This is why morning and evening trigger good fishing.

Light behaves differently in water. It is refracted or bent. Temperature, time of the day, weather fronts, and water density and color also affect what fish see. They can see UV light, even in dirty water. The other water conditions affect whether a fish is stimulated to bite. This is why it’s called fishing and not always catching. 

Lure companies are trying to capitalize on UV light challenge as well as other strike stimulants. Some lures come with scent pads or can be enhanced with a gel scent. This creates a scent trail. Vibrax spinners create vibrations when the spinner blade turns. Many lures and spinners are covered with holographic stick-on tape to address reflected light. 

Panther Martin has also released a series of their spinners with UV color patterns. Their spinner also has different color patterns on them to mimic patterns on baitfish. The sonic spinner is deadly. I have yet to use these new spinners but have added them to my spinner box. I also tied Chartreuse impala hair to a few to add more action to the presentation. 

Don’t forget to always keep your hooks sharp. This will improve your hook up to strikes ratio. I also use colored lines when fishing spinners and lures. Add a small ball bearing spinner to your gold, red, or solar colored line. Now add a clear Florocarbon tippet from the swivel to the spinner. 12-16 inches is plenty. Seeing your line helps to see more strikes and shows where the cast went, and the retrieve is. 


Consider every stimulus to get more strikes!

Montana Grant

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