WHERE TO GO!? by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 13, 2024

As we survive the Winter chill, many of us need to be thinking about Where To Go! I am not talking about a destination in a bad way. Instead, we need to be thinking about a new destination that will be fun and friendly.

As we age, our time on the water and afield becomes more restricted, limited, and physically more challenging. When we go to the great beyond, the question asked will not be Did you get enough hunting and fishing time in.

 Do it while you can. If you snooze, you lose. Time flies. Don’t be the outdoorsman that has a full Bucket List but never tried to empty it. Plan an adventure and pursue it. The only regrets will be if you don’t live your dreams. 

Outdoorsmen are not just hunters and anglers. There are many wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors. Birdwatchers have as much fun as snowmobilers, skiers, hikers, campers, off roaders, or… If it’s legal, fun, and an outdoor challenge, it’s on the list.

Each of us has our own limitations. Find a way to work within them rather than to avoid the challenge.

Don’t choke on the cost. The reward of the adventure is priceless. The memories and bonds that you make with friends and family are worth every penny. 

When we are young, we have great stamina, health, and strength. The problem is that we rarely had the finances to take a great trip. As we age, that changes. There is a point in our lives when we can have it all, and our bodies are still strong enough to enjoy the adventure.

Eat, Sleep, Hunt, or Fish! This is the perfect formula for a great adventure. At the end of this summer, I am taking my son to Alaska for a fishing frenzy. My wife has no interest in going. Back in the day, I took my son everywhere. He was often no charge at Canada lodges and camps because he was so young. It’s been a while since we fished together on an adventure trip. After a few years of health challenges for me and the usual aging issues, time is running out. 

An Alaska trip is perfect. Not only do you not have to clean the fish, cook, or deal with tackle, boats, and equipment, you get to bring back hundreds of pounds of filets. If you paid for these fresh fish, it would make the trip cost even. 

Taking a cruise or other style trip allows you to bring home memories, but not filets, or meat! Finding a quality lodge is not hard. Attend some local Outdoor Shows and ask the vendors the questions that you are important for your trip. Google the lodges and do your homework. A bad day fishing is still better than a day working. At the end of the day, you get your meal cooked and cleaned up. 

Relax, revive, and enjoy!

Montana Grant

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