You have Questions? The Montana Outdoor Podcast has Answers!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 24, 2024

Yeah, it is almost the start of a new license year for the Montana Outdoors. In less than a week it will be time to get a new fishing license and conservation license and then just like that the clock starts to ticking! Yeah, the deadline season is about to begin. The time of the year when you have start thinking about applying for special permits and licenses. It’s that time when parents must start planning on when their kids that have not taken hunter education will get enrolled to take it. What age can take the online test? Did you hear there was a change in requirements? What was that? Where do you find that out? Wait, which State Park where you going to make sure you had reservations for? Did you hear somewhere that the reservation process had changed? Oh, and now you start thinking about what else you forgot! RELAX!! Good old Downrigger has got you! This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast Downrigger Dale talks to Greg Lemon, Head of the Communication and Education Division of the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and Emily Cooper the License Bureau Chief of the FWP! Downrigger hit them with a TON of questions about everything from when are all the deadlines for applying for all your permits and special licenses, to what all the changes are in Hunters Education, to how to understand how the bonus points system works and list goes on and on. And boy did Greg and Emily ever bring their A Game! They completely loaded this podcast with EXTREMELY valuable information. If you fish, hunt, camp, play or do anything else in Montana’s Outdoors you MUST click here and listen to this week’s podcast. In fact, make sure you download the podcast or at least for sure save this link as you will likely want to listen to it several times. Once you are done listening to the podcast you just might be the most organized and ready for fishing, hunting and more than you ever have been before! In fact, you will learn about a real cool new feature for buying all your licenses online. Here is a big hint: it allows grab any or all the things you bought last year again this year in a few clicks! It is very cool! There is much more waiting for you when you click here and listen.

If you want to get more information about all the things you need to know about the new license year, click here for a great article that, will give you tips, reminders, deadlines and lots of links to most all the info you are going to need. Read it carefully and you will have everything from the number to the FWP Licensing Call Center, which is (406) 444-2950, to links to the Online Licensing System and much more! For more information on Montana hunting licenses and permits, click here. If you would like to email a question or comment to the Licensing Division of the FWP, click here. For great information about Hunter Education, click here. For info about Bowhunter Education, click here. To email a question to the Communication and Education Division, click here.

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