A BARREL of FUN!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 22, 2024

Rain barrels are a great way to collect water. Not every place in Montana has a river running through it. In these dry places, water collection saves money, time, ponds, and plants.

Collecting rain and snow melt from a roof is one way to gather water. We already have a gutter system to direct water off the roof. Why not direct it into a storage tank where you can use it later? Large water storage units can be buried or insulated to keep water from freezing. It can then be pumped to where you need it. 

Metal roofs are perfect for water collection. There will be less debris and dirt in your water tank. A simple screen, or filter will eliminate most of the yeech. Keep in mind that Bird poop, bugs, and other crud will also end up in your water. People have drunk water from rivers, springs, wells, and ponds for years. Our healthy bodies can deal with most pathogens or germs. Personally, I would boil and store water before drinking it. 

You can bypass the downspout to allow collection in your barrel. Just add some new gutter parts for the purpose and try to use gravity for your flow power. Just a slight downhill angle is enough to direct the water where you need it without electricity. Solar pumps can also help. 

Not only will your plants survive but maybe you too. Water collection in dry areas could be important for livestock and people. Windmills have also been used to pump and supply water in dry areas for home and livestock needs. 

A rain barrel can be made from many things. Long sealed pipes, hollow logs, stone, durable water bladders, or cisterns can act as reservoirs for your free water. Downhill ponds can also create a water feature for critters and irrigation. Rainwater does not contain chemicals or treatment substances. It is as natural as you can get. 

Boiling water is a tried-and-true way to make drinkable water for humans. Iodine tablets also work. Store the boiled. Potable water in an enclosed container for convenient use. Animals and plants do not require this type of purification and use rainwater better than other water sources. 

Using excess rainwater is better than sucking water form our trout streams and ponds. 

In a water cistern or container used for gardens, you can also grow fish such as Tilapia. Their waste acts as a nutrient for hydroponics or use in greenhouses. Once the fish grows big enough, a fish fry is on hand. 

There are many YouTube videos and books on using Free Water for your homestead and garden needs. 

Roll out the Barrel!

Montana Grant

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