CATCH A NEW CHALLENGE!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 8, 2024

The most important things that we learn are the things we learn after we learn everything! 

Anglers, and outdoor sportsmen improve when they set new goals and challenges. If you fish the same way, in the same place, using the same gear, you can expect the same results. Perhaps this is enough for some anglers but not all. 

Anglers evolve. This means that we will never become perfect art everything but will learn as we grow. Every trip on the water should come home with more than some fish. Great anglers should learn something new. Learning new tips, tricks, tackle, and places is fun and rewarding. Sharing these new lessons with others is even better. 

Here are some Challenges to consider!

Fish at least 1 day a week    Make time to fish. Fishing is therapy and will make the rest of the week more survivable. 

Fish at least one new place a month    Travel to some new waters. Search for unfamiliar places that interest you and explore them. 

Choose just one fly pattern, spinner, or bait and use only variations of it

Go Ultra-Light   Use as light of a rod and line as you are comfortable with. You need reels with better than average drags and fish catching skills to match. Playing a fish too long can kill them. You need to learn how to minimize mortality with skill. 

Go BIG!    Tackle bigger fish that requires bigger tackle. Maybe try a giant style of fly-fishing using a –Spey rod. These twelve feet and longer fly rods take two hands to cast and operate. They also offer a unique presentation when fly fishing. 

Go Vintage    Using antique gear is a fun challenge. Bamboo rods have a softer action. Older gear will make you appreciate the more modern gear of today. 

Make one new Buddy a month.    At least take a new friend or potential Buddy out for a fun fishing day. Family members are also great company and kids are greasy to addict to fishing. 

Start a personal BEST list and plan trips to best it.    Maintain a photo album or record of your favorite and best catches. They can be “Caught and Released” if accompanied with a picture of the release. Have something in the picture to be a point of reference for size, weight, and length. 

Go for the Record Books      Seek out to catch a new record fish. Look at the potential species you like and try to beat the State or club record. 

Getting outdoors is healthy and rewarding. Fishing is the perfect excuse to make this happen. Challenging yourself, and maybe others, will make you a better and happier fisherman. 

Catch a Big One!

Montana Grant

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