FANCY PANTS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 1, 2024

There has been some feedback that some readers are tired of articles just about hunting and fishing. Hopefully they will be happy with this change in themes. 

I have spent a lifetime giving students, friends, family, and others special nicknames. Meatstick, Triple B, Double D, Buck Stud, The Black Prince, The Yellow Hat MF, and so many more. Handy Randy is also a good fishing buddy. 

Great fishing Buddies tolerate your BS, share driving, bring snacks, and just enjoy our time afield or on the water. It is so nice to make fishing plans and the buddy has their gear in the driveway, waiting to be picked up. They text you when they are on their way to pick you up. Great Buddies are also generous and encouraging.

So, what do you do when a Buddy gifts you some underwear? I am not talking about BVD’s, or thongs. Handy Randy presented me with a pair of Wrangler Long Underwear. My first question was “Did you try them on?”

He did not wear them, Whew! Now that that intimate issue was resolved, I asked where they came from. He had gotten them at work when the store was removing products for sale. This underwear was a larger size than Handy needed but would certainly fit me.  It’s a good friendship when a buddy gives you a gift and knows your size! 

Many anglers love to have a sense of fashion when on the water. Some outfits cost more than their gear. Trout spots often adorn their hats, neckerchiefs, and other garments. Pants are usually out of sight under chest waders or boots. Underwear, thongs, and the like, are more personal. 

I have no problem with hand me downs. Honestly, I will enjoy wearing a new pair of long underwear. The garment looks comfortable and warm.

It looks like my new nickname may be “Fancy Pants”. Thanks, Handy!

Montana Grant

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