FWP News: Helena hosts state archery tournament for Montana students
By angelamontana

Posted: March 20, 2024

Competitors were part of FWP’s Archery in the Schools Program

HELENA – Nearly 500 elementary, middle and high school students competed in the state archery tournament in Helena March 18 and 19. The tournament, which was held at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds, was hosted by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks as part of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).

“For these kids, it’s more than just shooting bows and arrows in P.E.,” said Ryan Schmaltz, FWP’s NASP coordinator. “Many schools form archery clubs and teams and students go on to practice archery as a lifetime outdoor sport.”

The archers represented 15 schools from across the state, including from as far away as Trout Creek and Hardin. The competitors represent only a fraction of the 10,000 Montana students in grades 4 through 12 who participated in Montana’s Archery in the Schools Program last year.

NASP offers safe, in-school archery curriculum and provides benefits such as improving student focus and academic discipline, building self-confidence and increasing the likelihood that students pursue archery and other similar sports as adults.

FWP provides basic archery instructor trainings and cost-shares for equipment for teachers interested in starting NASP at their schools.

To learn more about starting, or joining, NASP at your school, contact Schmaltz at 406-444-9946 or RSchmaltz@mt.gov

Team winners of the state tournament were:

3D Challenge Team Awards

  • Elementary school – Arlee
  • Middle school – Trout Creek
  • High school – Paris Gibson Education Center, Great Falls

Bullseye Team Awards

  • No Elementary school winner
  • Middle school – Trout Creek
  • High school – Paris Gibson Education Center, Great Falls

For more information on NASP and a full list of winners, go to nasptournaments.org/.


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