LESS MOOR GROUSE!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 31, 2024

Wildlife managers know that the key to healthy wildlife populations is a healthy and balanced ecosystem. This means quality habitat that can support wild game. Hunting, trapping, and other techniques are needed to keep populations and habitat healthy. 

Scotland has just passed a new law supported by the SPCA. Hunting Red Grouse in the moors of the Scottish hills will be changing dramatically. 

All hunting areas around the world could be impacted as this trend becomes more prevalent. Europe has made hunting and fishing a Sport of Kings. Only the wealthy, royalty, and chosen few are allowed to participate in any hunting. Public lands are rare, and most citizens never get a chance to hunt or fish. Gamekeepers manage vast areas of land for controlled hunts and fishing. 

These Gamekeepers have been using practices that date back thousands of years. They use controlled burns to create quality and healthy moors where game birds thrive. Predators such as foxes and raptors are also controlled. The new laws will restrict these practices almost completely. 

The laws and changes are not supported by science. Moors are wonderful Carbon storage areas that Climate Scientists say are vitally critical. Burning them improves this potential but the law is contradicting this fact. Raptor control is at its lowest point in decades. Only 60 cases have been prosecuted in nearly 30 years. 

These new laws will be a gamechanger! To go along with the Red Grouse regulations, predator control, and land management restrictions, Glue Traps and snares will be banned. Glue Traps are used for rodent control but are now considered cruel. They also capture amphibians, small birds, and other forms of wildlife. 

All trapping will require training, licensing, and identification on all traps. Only Jump traps and live catch traps will be allowed. Snares used for hares and foxes will be banned. 

Even though these laws will mainly impact Red Grouse, pheasants, and other game critters will be affected. 

Public Hunting and Fishing are historic and precious sports. Humans, especially in Montana, are Hunters and Gatherers. America is one place where Sport hunting and Fishing are alive and well. 

As the world changes, and becomes more crowded, our wildlife and wild places will be put under more pressure, as they have become in Europe. Not everyone is as supportive of Sport Hunting and Fishing as they once were. 

The times, they are a changing!

Montana Grant

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