SPRING FORWARD!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 9, 2024

Daylight Savings Time is on Sunday, March 10th. We will need to set our clocks forward by one hour.

Most electronics will adjust automatically but check to make sure. 

So, whose Bright Idea was it to start this time cycle?

Ben Franklin came up with the idea in 1784. This was a solution to save candle wax! His idea was to have the time match the maximum of light to maximum activity. Sleeping time did not require that a candlelight would be on. 

The first city to use this Wax Saving idea was Port Artur, Ontario, in 1908. Germany was the first country to adjust their clocks in 1916. Today, over 70 countries use Daylight Savings Time.  

In the United Staes, two states do not use DST. Arizona and Hawaii do not adjust their clocks. We are supposed to “Fall Backwards”, and “Spring Forward”. I always think Falling Forwards and Springing Backwards. The way I remember to Spring Forward is that DST is Summer time, with longer days. 

There are many pros and cons to Daylight Savings Time. The system was created to improve health, safety, save energy, save the economy, and help the environment. Some people are more comfortable with the same routines and dislike change. 

Many prefer having more daylight when they come home from work. They can now relax, fish, hunt, garden, or enjoy other tasks in daylight. 

Keep the lights on!

Montana Grant

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