Alert: New species of fish discovered in Missouri River
By angelamontana

Posted: April 1, 2024

Long-time Montana angler, Tom Faken, 62, was fishing the Missouri River near Fort Peck over the weekend and reeled in the surprise of a lifetime when he caught an unusual fish.  It looked like something that would be caught in the Amazon River, Faken immediately noticed something very unusual about this creature–it had two sets of functioning eyeballs!

“I thought it was scary enough to see a fish looking like this in the Missouri River, but when I saw the two sets of eyes, I knew I had found something huge–at least for Montana.”

Faken kept the fish in a cooler with water while he decided his next move.  He immediately called Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks after snapping the above photo with his phone and asked what he should do next.

Not too long after that was when The Montana Outdoor Radio Show wished our followers a Happy April Fool’s Day!  This is not a real story, and the last name “Faken” stemmed from the word “fake”…that was as creative as we got with this.  The feature photo was AI-generated and if you look closely at the Facebook image associated with this post, it reads “Just kidding – April Fool’s Day” at the bottom in light font.

We hope your day is full of laughter and that you don’t have major trust issues with MORS after this.

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