Fisherman harpooned after argument over catch size
By angelamontana

Posted: April 19, 2024

Well, talk about a fishy situation!

According to an article by Brittany Kasko via Fox News, Sujit Klingtalay and his buddies were out by the waters in Thailand, enjoying a day of fishing and cracking open a few cold ones. But things took a crazy turn when a harmless fishing trip turned into a showdown over who reeled in the biggest catch. Sujit joked around with his friend about his big fish, but things got heated real quick. Next thing you know, bam! Sujit’s friend decides to take aim with a fishing harpoon, and before anyone could react, it’s lodged right into Sujit’s head!

“When the harpoon first hit me, I felt the pain in my head, but I had a cigarette and felt better,” he recalled to Viral Press.

Doctors did end up performing surgery on the 45 year-old to remove the harpoon, and more tests will need to be conducted to tell if there is brain damage.

Now that’s what you call taking friendly competition a bit too far!

Photo credit: (Viral Press)
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