FUNNY FISING LURES!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: April 27, 2024

Fishing is supposed to be FUN! If it isn’t Fun, you are doing it wrong. For some of us, just heading outdoors and fishing is a success. You never get yer limit, and you always need to take just one more cast. Others collect memorabilia, tackle, or other mementos. 

Some fishermen enjoy being creative. Years ago, my brother and I were checking out our favorite Trout Pond on the day before opening day. Frank Bentz pond was freshly stocked with big Brook Trout. As we walked around the pond, I tossed in some zip tops. 

For those that don’t know, a zip top is what you pull out of a beer or canned beverage. It did not push in, it pulled off and was often thrown away. They were everywhere. These tabs were shiny and could be bent into different shapes to chase the action.

The Big Brookies chased and fought over my zip top offerings. That sparked an idea. We gathered up a hat full of these tabs and went to work. My Dad gave us some fine copper wire and we wired the tabs to a long-shanked streamer hook. The Zip Tab Lure was born! We had to add a split shot to the rig so we could cast it out. We both caught our limit on these free and fancy fun lures. 

Fishermen are always coming up with crazy and fun lures. Just imagine how a Spoon was born. Smashed lead can be shaped into many forms. Wood whittlers could also create great works of fishing art. 

Some lures end up looking X-rated. I guess fishermen spend too much time dreaming while sitting along a river. Body parts make for common funny lures. Male and female parts abound. Anything worm- like will work. 

Bottle Caps also make interesting fun lures. They can be bent or connected so that they can rattle and quiver enticingly. 

Fishing lures need to move or flash to attract a fish’s attention. I always laughed at how sharks would eat almost anything. In an old National Geographic magazine there were pictures of natives cleaning out a Tiger Sharks stomach. They found part of a bongo drum and a license plate inside! 

I remember my fly-fishing Mentor, Lefty Kreh saying that fish will eat anything if presented properly. He then took a cigarette butt and slid it onto a hook. 2 casts later, a fat Brown trout was in his net. 

Homemade lures and flies are always fun to invent, create, or just experiment with. If a fish is Hangry, or just a bully, you may have a fun hook up!

Catch a Big One!

Montana Grant

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