GOING TO CHURCH!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: April 1, 2024

Everyone has a need for church. There are many kinds of churches. Freedom of religion is an important part of being an American. Churches give us healthy encouragement, faith, relationships, and education. Without church, we lose support, our growth stalls, and we miss out on our life’s purpose and blessings. 

Nature is the religion for many Outdoorsmen and women. Outside, in the wilds of nature, is their church. Their churches are full of the smells, sounds, feelings, and beauty of Nature. They spend every free moment that they have celebrating the great outdoors. The beauty, diversity, and freedom of our wild places makes us happy. 

Back in my Boy Scout days, our troop was often hiking, canoeing, or exploring on Sunday. Weekend trips, camporees, and activities were the norm. Our Scoutmaster was not a pastor, priest, Rabbi, or church leader but certainly believed in the importance of church. Our troop had all religions represented but when it was time for church, we were all the same. The troop would stop along a beautiful overlook on the Appalachian Trail, or a gravel island along the Potomac River. There were no pews or crosses, just Nature and us. Our leader involved us in song, readings, and some words about how lucky we were to be healthy, happy, and together. 

We feel like we are at church when we go afield. We don’t think about life’s problems, our focus is on the next bite, the sight of an antler, the thrill of a covey flush, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. Water rocks us to relax. The sounds of nature soothe the soul. The smell and tastes found outdoors sustain our spirit. When work gets tough, our minds wander to those special places we enjoy the most. 

Hunting, fishing, Camping, hiking, biking, painting. Birdwatching. Rockhounding…whatever your outdoor hobby is, it is when you feel the most freedom and faith.

The beauty of the great outdoors had to be created. This is where a belief in a God or grand being comes in. Something or someone had to imagine and inspire making life and the environments that we live in. 

After a hard day of work, most people do not go to church for support, help, or fellowship. They wait until Sunday or the specific time when church is open for business. Fewer people are going to church these days. 

Outdoor sports seem to be growing in popularity. More hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts are celebrating the great outdoors. This is when their needs are met. We all are Hunting for happiness. The hunt involves friends and family doing what we love together. 

Fishermen pray for a safe and good time on the water. Maybe a few special words are said for a lunker or limit. I have never seen anyone catch a fish that wasn’t smiling. 

The hikers and joggers feel the second winds, the campers enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and a sunrise, the other outdoor folks marvel at the beauty and glory of the great outdoors. 

Being outdoors makes us feel better. Isn’t that what the Church is supposed to do?


Montana Grant

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