The BIGGER the BETTER!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: April 26, 2024

Fishermen have great imaginations. A successful outing must include how many and how big the fishing was. 

You must figure that Fishermen will exaggerate their catch numbers. Usually, 20% is a good rule. If they said they caught 100 fish, figure on 20 less and you will be closer to the truth. This is also relevant when size is involved.

Fish are measured by the pound or length, whichever is larger. Size can be about numbers, which means they can be manipulated. Bragging rights can be competitive and important. In fishing tournaments, cheating has become rampant. Prize money can be huge and tournament competitors have become creative in ways to add weight to their fish. 

The perspective of a picture also matters. There needs to be something in the picture that can compare the size. Many angler fish pictures are closer to the fish than the angler. Extended arms can make things appear to be larger than they are. 

If the fisherman wants clarity, they place a measuring tape next to the fish. Nets, boats, hats, coolers, paddles, rods, and other gear are often found in pictures where more honesty is desired. 

For rookie anglers catching fish, any fish, any size counts. Cellphone selfies confirm success. A 5-inch fingerling symbolizes as much success as a 10 pounder. Taxidermy also can celebrate a trophy fish. Surrounding themselves with evidence of success boosts egos and bragging rights. 

Big Fish are relevant to experience, age, and honesty. First fish always tend to be bigger. Kids think all fish are Monsters. Experienced anglers, with the confidence of having caught many large fish, are just happy to honestly share their story. No lies are needed.

Every fisherman is at a different place in their fishing evolution. No matter where you are in the angler evolution chain, fishing is still exciting and just FUN! 

Fishermen are also so creative in naming BIG FISH. These names share tradition, cultural, and regional qualities. They may be called:

  • Dinks
  • Pigs
  • Hawgs
  • Monsters
  • Jaws
  • Eaters
  • Bigguns
  • Lunkers
  • Whoppers
  • Whales
  • Toads and so many larger-than-life names.

In the end, the biggest of all fish are the ones that got away. These sizes are always bigger than the truth and live on forever. Do you remember the one that was so big…

Montana Grant

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