Unveiling the Secret of Massive Kokanee Salmon: A Montana Outdoor Podcast Special with Kit’s Tackle
By angelamontana

Posted: April 27, 2024

Kit’s Tackle Outfitters Will Tell You Where They are and How to Catch Them!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale and the Captain of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show talk to Kit and Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle Outfitters about finding AND catching huge Kokanee Salmon in Holter and Hauser Reservoirs. You might recall when Rigger talked to FWP Fisheries Biologist Adam Strainer on the Podcast (click here if you want to hear that podcast from a year ago) about the mysterious disappearance and eventual return of Kokanee Salmon to Holter and Hauser, but we had no idea that they were so huge!  Talk about a comeback! It is doubtful anyone else knew either, but Kit and Trevor spent hours and hours out on those reservoirs targeting Kokanee and found out just where to find them and how to catch them and now when you click here to listen to this week’s podcast you will know too! As Trevor said on the podcast, “these are true world class Kokanee!”. This truly is one of the most exciting and informative podcasts we have ever done so DO NOT MISS OUT, click here and listen today! One of the main things we learned is it is all about finesse when going after these incredible fish so listen carefully or better yet book a fishing trip with Kit or Trevor and learn firsthand from these pros. You will have a blast and learn a TON!

If you would like to book a trip with Kit’s Tackle Outfitters, be sure and click here today. They will fill up fast, so this is not one you want to put off. If you would like to ask Kit or Trevor any questions you can click here to send them and email or call them at (406) 459-2841. Kit and Trevor are also famous for the incredible fishing tackle they make. Be sure and click here to look at all their tackle. As they like to say, you will be “Jiggin the Dream” in no time when you get their handmade tackle. You can also take a look at their Facebook Page by clicking here. Also, be sure and click here to send Downrigger Dale an email and let him know what you thought of this podcast and what ideas you have for future podcast topics!

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