YOU MAY BE A CAVEMAN!!! By Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: April 20, 2024

Recent genetic studies have shown that about 2-3 % of modern humans have Neanderthal DNA! Close examination of human DNA has found 16 variants that are connected to ancient Neanderthal characteristics. These percentages may be higher for Montanans!

Neanderthals were master hunters and gatherers. Foraging and surviving in harsh environments is an important survival skill. The unique ecosystems of Big Sky Country were a perfect place for humans with the right skills.

You might be a Neanderthal if you have.

a Big Nose

your hair is thick and straight. Red hair was also common in the Neanderthal community.

an addiction to smoking and nicotine. Ironic since tobacco was not found in Europe until neanderthals were nearly extinct.

Depression    If you were big, hairy, and had a big nose with smoke coming out, you might

be depressed.

​The need to not wear shoes.

​To walk or run everywhere.

​Efficient worker skills.

​Artistic gifts.

​Knowledge about fire safety

​The need to wander and be Nomadic.



psychiatric or neurological problems.  See the previous comment.

adaptive advantages.  Neanderthals survived for thousands of years successfully. They had to have great problem-solving and creative skills.

Big and Strong   Size and strength matters when hunting Wooly Mammoths and Saber-toothed monsters.

Clock Genes.     Neanderthals are responsible for our sleep cycles. Circadian rhythms were a part of their DNA strands. You might be a Caveman if you know when to go to sleep and wake up.

The need to be Good Parents.

There are certainly many other reasons for these qualities. It does make us wonder about our genetic heritage. Many humans get a DNA test to discover their family tree. The tree can branch out several generations. Sometimes you discover things about your past that you didn’t know. The reality is that modern humans are more connected than we may like.

I am sure that the comedian Jeff Foxworthy could fill a book with jokes about “You might be a Neanderthal if …

​Like to draw pictures on rocks.

​Can use a bone as a weapon.

​You like to be naked all the time.

​Hang out in caves.

Neanderthal characteristics are a part of our gene pools. Ancient humans from Asia and Africa migrated into Europe where they blended their genes. Ultimately, Neanderthals became extinct, but their genetic information is still around.

Welcome to Big Nose Country!

Montana Grant


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