GIMMIE YER BEST SHOT!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: May 13, 2024

Pat Benatar knows what she wants! So do the best hunters. Every sportsman wants the ammo that will help them to make their BEST SHOTS! 

Apex Predators should look at Apex Ammunition. This Mississippi ammunition manufacturing company is in the forefront of the Best Shotshells on the market today.

My recent Textbook Turkey hunt included the best shotshell that I have been using for the past decade or so. My choice for a Turkey whackin load is the Lightfield buffered 12 ga. 2 ¾ inch., 1 ¾ oz. #4 shotshell. I bought a 20 pack several years ago, for under $20, and still have 12 left. The shells are so worn that I had to write the load info. on them with a Sharpie pen. 

The reason I have confidence in this Lightfield load is that when I sighted them in on a paper turkey target, they killed turkeys consistently out to 50 yards. At 20 yards, the head of a turkey is peppered with lead shot. I have never had to shoot a turkey twice.

 My problem is that the Lightfield company no longer makes these shells. The only shells they make are loaded with rubber dummy bullets for safety. There are other shells on the market but…

So, what is the Best Shotshell available? With the challenges of lead shot, steel or an alternative alloy is needed. The shell needs to be fast, accurate, and not kick like a mule. 

Apex Turkey shells may be the best choice. Every gun digest ammo a bit differently, but Apex shells seem to be a great choice. These shells are made in 410-to-28-gauge sizes. The Tungsten alloy (TSS) shot is the most lethal non-lead alloy ever made. 

The turkey loads are buffered and loaded to maintain a tight group at long range. You will have 3 times more holes in a turkey head target at 50 yards than any other shell choice.

 At close range, Turkey heads disappear. This means no wounded turkeys but maybe not a bird to be mounted. Mortal wounds will be in the head and not the edible parts of the bird. You can lighten up your gun or load for personal needs.

 One teenaged, new turkey hunter I know, has tagged out 3 years in a row shooting his Spring Gobbler, at between 40-60 yards, with a 410 Apex shotshell. Another Turkey 12 gauge hunter has shot 2 gobblers at ranges up to 100 yards! Now, I do not promote long range Turkey shots, but these shells will do the trick on a sighted in shotgun. Personally, the whole purpose of Spring Turkey hunting is to call the bird into CLOSE range, under 30 yards. Nothing is more exciting. 

When we go hunting, we invest our time, expensive gear, practice, and many other expenses. We just want our ammo to be the Best! Aim small, miss small and just give us one good shot. How much is too much?

Nothing is Free and the Apex ammo is anything but. For me to invest in these Turkey rounds I would need a 12 gauge, 2 ¾ inch 2 oz, load. These shells will cost me $62.99 for 5 rounds! You figure I will need a minimum of 2 boxes to allow me some rounds for sighting my shotgun in, and some for the hunt. For $130, I will be locked and loaded. Wow!

Apex makes a variety of other exceptional but expensive shotshell loads. They have great loads for waterfowl, upland birds, and deer/predators. A 10 round Upland Game box is $52.99. They only come in 3-inch shells for 12, 20, and 28 gauge in BB sizes 71/2, 8. And 9. Maybe not my best skeet of trap choice but perfect for longer shots at flushing pheasants, chukars, and your preferred small game.

These shells are expensive but … You have spent a week chasing gobblers. You have all the calls, a great gun, perfect camo, miles of walking, all the camping gear set up, the wheeler, truck, trailer, gas, food, etc. You work 90% of your life to pay the bills and support the family.  Is $10 a shell too much for One Great Shotshell, that you have confidence in? 

You could just go buy a frozen turkey for $20, but what is the fun in that?

Montana Grant

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