MT Outdoor Podcast: Chris from Big Sky Fishing Charters Tells Us Where the Fish are and How to Catch Them!
By angelamontana

Posted: May 18, 2024

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale talks to Chris Mischke of Big Sky Fishing Charters about learning from his fishing guides who are located all across Montana. And when we say all across Montana, we mean it! When you click here to listen you will learn about where and how to fish in northwest Montana in lakes like Flathead, the Thompson Chain of Lakes, the Flathead River, and list goes on and on. It does not stop in Northwest Montana though; Big Sky Fishing Charters has guides in West Yellowstone and even up in Northeast Montana on the mighty Missouri River, Fort Peck Reservoir and beyond!

The idea behind this podcast is to get out of your comfort zone now and then and learn some new waterways and fish for species you may not get a chance to fish for very often. Well, like HUGE Lake Superior Whitefish, giant Mackinaw, big ole Smallmouth Bass, Monster Northern Pike, and yes even Kokanee and King Salmon, to name a few. Now you may be thinking wait a minute who has time to figure out new waterways and find the fish in them? Glad you asked. That’s where Chris and his guides come in. They will show you all the basics, so you are ready if you want to head out on your own. When you click here and listen you will hear about how they find those huge Lake Superior Whitefish, what to use and the fact that they fight like hell. Oh, and they taste even better than they fight. You will also learn about targeting giant Mackinaw and some awesome Smallies on Flathead Lake. The beauty is when you click here and listen you will learn that Montana has so much more to see and to catch then you may have known even if you have lived here your entire life!

To learn all about Big Sky Fishing Charters click here and be sure and scroll down to the see more videos on that page! To learn about their fishing guides and boats click here. To see more pictures click here. To learn about their different fishing charters and rates click here. Questions for Chris? Click here to email Chris. Don’t forget to tell good ole Rigger what you thought of this podcast and give him your topics for future podcasts! Click here to email Downrigger Dale.


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