MT Outdoor Podcast Episode Drop Today: Downrigger Dale Dives into the World of Walleye with Heath Headley
By angelamontana

Posted: May 11, 2024

Fisheries Biologist Heath Headley Talks About the Recent Walleye Egg Collection on Fort Peck, The Health of Montana’s Walleye Population and a Whole Lot More!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale had a great conversation with Montana FWP Fisheries Biologist Heath Headley about Walleye in Fort Peck Reservoir and beyond. If you love to fish for Walleye, want to learn about them or have just been curious about how in the heck the FWP can collect 83 million eggs from Walleye in Fort Peck then this Podcast is for you! Heath explains all kinds of things in this fascinating podcast, like what they do with all those eggs, and where all those Walleye go once, they are hatched. No, they don’t all go back into Fort Peck. So where do they go? Out of the 83 million eggs how many fish actually hatch? Out of all those that hatch how many will live once they are stocked in a waterbody? When you click here to listen to this podcast you will learn the answer to those and many other questions that Rigger asked Heath Headley. Downrigger even asked Heath this question, “Heath how can I catch more Walleye?”! We think you will get a kick out of the answer Heath gave Downrigger. Another interesting topic that Rigger and Heath got into was the incredible size of the Walleye that are being caught in Fort Peck Reservoir lately. Rigger wanted to know if Heath had any thoughts on that and he told Heath about some suggestions he has received from listeners like, should there be a slot limit of some kind for Walleye on Fort Peck to preserve those big fish? For example, one suggestion a listener had is to maybe have a slot limit during tournaments. Click here to listen and see what Heath’s thoughts were on that and many other things. This podcast really covered a TON of stuff all about Walleyes. Of course, it would not be a Montana Outdoor Podcast with Heath Headley if Rigger didn’t ask him about what the King Salmon season was going to be like on Fort Peck. What did Heath say? Well, you will need to click here and listen to the podcast to find out!

One question that Rigger asked Heath had to do with what water bodies in Montana get stocked with Walleye and how many get put in each one? The answer to that can be found by clicking here. That takes you to the FWP fish stocking page where you can look up stocking plans for Walleye and other fish as well as stocking data and info about Montana’s fish hatcheries! It’s great info! If you would like to read more about this year’s Walleye egg collection on Fort Peck Reservoir, just click here. After you listen to this podcast if you have any questions for Heath Headley, you can email him by clicking here. As always Downrigger would love to hear your ideas for topics for future podcasts and get your thoughts on this podcast as well. To do that just click here to email Downrigger.

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