MT Outdoor Podcast: We Went to a Lure Manufacturer That Specializes in Catching Kokanee
By angelamontana

Posted: May 25, 2024

…and boy did we get some great ideas!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale talked to Bob Loomis of Mack’s Lure Company about ideas on how catch HUGE Kokanee and he hit the jackpot when it comes to information. Bob has been in the fishing business for 42 years, first manufacturing fishing rods and now at the legendary Mack’s Lure Company. They have been making incredible Kokanee, Chinook, Trout and Walleye Lures for 55 years! In fact, one of the lures, they created is likely one of THE most popular and effective lures ever made, the Wedding Ring! When your Click Here to listen you will learn about the history of Mack’s Lure, the legendary Wedding Ring as well as info about a whole bunch more of their products that can help you go chase Kokanee on Holter and Hauser or wherever you want to go! Bob Loomis not only talks about their products, he also goes in-depth talking about techniques, choosing the right lure for the fishing conditions and even tells us how to target the BIG ONES! This is not just a podcast this week, it’s dadgum fishing clinic taught by a true Salmon catching pro! As Downrigger put it, “This was a flat amazing conversation and not just about Kokanee, though we did spend a lot a time on that topic, we also talked about Trout and Walleye techniques too. Bob really knows his stuff!”. When you Click Here to listen you will gain a TON of knowledge AND be entertained. Wait until you hear Bob Loomis tell the story about fishing for Kokanee and seeing a guy in a boat just 60 feet away from his catch the WORLD RECORD KOKANEE! What a day, especially since Bob was catching Kokanee that day ranging from 4 to 7 pounds! If you want to catch big Salmon, Trout and Walleye this year, this Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

If you would like to learn more about Mack’s Lure and their amazing products Click Here. In fact, if you want to see their Kokanee lures first just Click Here. You can click here to look at lures by species. If you would like to ask Bob Loomis any questions, he said to just give him a call at (509) 667-9202 or you can email him by Clicking Here. The Mack’s Lure website also has some great videos, with Mack’s Lure Pro Staff, and yes Bob too on some of the videos giving some excellent advice. Click Here to browse their Video Library. Mack’s Lure also has an excellent publication called “Mack Attack”. Click here to read their articles and scroll down to the bottom of that webpage to subscribe. Don’t forget to let Rigger know your thoughts about this podcast and tell him about your ideas for future podcasts. Just Click Here to email him! Also, if you have not heard the Podcast with Kit and Trevor Johnson yet about the huge Kokanee in Holter and Hauser Reservoir, Click Here!

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