Proposed Legislation Seeks to Ban Wildlife Hunting Competitions on Federal Lands
By angelamontana

Posted: May 28, 2024

Last week, a Tennessee congressman proposed a bill to ban wildlife “killing contests” on federal lands. The “Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act” aims to end competitions that reward hunters for killing the most or biggest animals for sport. Rep. Steve Cohen called these contests “cruel and unnecessary,” noting they don’t help with wildlife management and that wildlife is essential for a healthy ecosystem.

As to be expected, the bill has been praised by many animal rights and wildlife groups. Johanna Hamburger from the Animal Welfare Institute said these contests are unethical, as participants use bait and electronic calls to attract animals, then discard the carcasses afterward. She believes such practices don’t belong in modern society.

Since the bill was filed on May 22, it has gained 16 co-sponsors, all of which are fellow Democrats, and it’s been sent to the House Natural Resources Committee for review. If passed, it would go into effect one year from the day it receives the president’s signature.

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