100 DEADLIEST DAYS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 10, 2024

The window of time from Memorial Day until Labor Day is the Deadliest time for accidents in Montana.

More people are out playing and celebrating life than at any other window of time. Summertime means play time and vacations. This is when people put their guard down.

We can certainly consider the routine traffic challenges and dangers that come with going to and from work. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. Their time and needs seem to be more important than everyone else’s. 

Idiot drivers that text is putting everyone at risk. They tend to be even more active and, in a hurry, when heading to a party, beach, or fun destination. The music gets turned up, maybe some alcohol and drugs tune them up, and before you know it, someone gets hurt.

Water is a big part of the Deadliest Days. This means boating, swimming, or just hanging out around water can be risky. Drowning is a common outcome. Swimming is wonderful but Montana waters can be shockingly cold. There are also hot springs that may be un-noticed. Diving into shallow water or getting stuck in underwater debris and logs are a quick way to drown.

Common factors that result in deadliest Days are alcohol, marijuana, drugs, road rage, or impatience. These reasons compromise judgement, reflexes, and common sense. One Bad Choice leads to a sad outcome. 

People playing with a compromised mind may take risks that they normally would avoid. Bad judgement leads to mistakes and accidents. Car crashes are often the outcome. In Montana, car accidents are a major concern. Teen accidents are the highest. Currently, non-residents or drivers with no licenses or that have had licenses revoked fuel these statistics. 

Off road motorized accidents are also higher during these 100 days. Tourists with no experience with dirt bikes, wheelers, or power boats often make poor choices and lack the skills to navigate safely. 

Critters are big in Montana. The chance of encountering a Grizzly, black bear, cougar, wolf, rattlesnake, or other aggressive animal is high. 

When you have an accident in a rural and remote place, help is not always nearby. It may take time for a rescue that your injury does not allow. 

Stay alert, safe, and smart!

Montana Grant

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