BIG!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 30, 2024

Big Sky Country is getting Bigger! The state population continues to grow, but it is slowing. Here is the most current data on our growth.

Current Population   1,132,812

The highest population occurred in 2021, when herds of city folks began moving to Big Sky Country, to escape urban sprawl and crime. Montana ‘s harsh weather usually takes 2-3 years to see these folks find winters too hard, and leave. Our population is currently declining. 

Native tribes    66,000

Vets   82,367

Caucasians    88.7%

Women    49.3%

Over 65 years old    20.8%

The residents of Montana average 7.4 per square mile of land. 

You can view the entire population data at the USA Census website. 

Some interesting trends that impact our population are;

The current Birthrate of resident Montana’s is less than the death rate of residents. 

Montana’s suicide rate is extremely high at over 1,000 per year. Most suicides are from gunshots. 

Drug deaths in Big Sky country are the 4th highest in the nation at nearly 2,000 a year. 

A Montana’s life expectancy is 76.8 years young. 

Over 12 ½ million tourists visit Montana annually. They ski, fish, hunt, and sightsee. This number reached a peak during the Covid epidemic and shows signs of declining as tourists begin to travel overseas and other places. 

How many fly fishermen? Hunters?

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