BRAGGING RIGHT!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 6, 2024

Hunters and fishermen have a language all their own. There are many words that we use, when taken in perspective, are fine. But not all our words translate well with non-sportsmen. 

Not everyone is a hunter or wants to be one. They simply see hunting as a blood sport. Meat comes in plastic; saran wrapped trays or is grown on a farm. They fail to or want to see the trail that our food takes to get to their tables. 

Ironically, humans are Hunters and Gatherers. A great catch or critter meant food, clothing, and tools for survival. Even today most humans are hunting for bargains, happiness, partners, or something that they need. 

Modern hunters and fishermen do not need to kill for survival. Subsistence harvesting is not required. Instead, keeping wild game or fish is a choice. We prefer chemical and drug free meat in our diet. Wild meat and fish are also delicious. 

When a Hunter or fisherman are successful, what do they say?

I hammered them…

We killed them today.

We Whackedem and Stackedem.

  • I Blasted and blew the hell out of…
  • We nailed our Limits.
  • We murdered them…
  • We nailed them.
  • We really Ripped Some Lips.
  • I sure Smoked them.

What could they say?

  • What a great day! 
  • Being outdoors is so much fun. 
  • We Harvested some dinner. 
  • Hunting and fishing are so exciting. 

Adjectives are explicit words. Some people take their meaning literally. Others understand the exaggeration. Most people have already made their choices and have strong opinions. Is it worth “Stirring the Turd”, to get them angry. Try to be more politically correct and say something that invites them to understand our sport.

To avoid any conflicts or debates, know your audience. Save the expletives and colorful language for those that understand and appreciate it.

Montana Grant


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