MT Outdoor Podcast Talks with Scott Collinsworth about Walleye, Smallies, Pike, Lakers and King Salmon…Oh My!
By angelamontana

Posted: June 8, 2024

Learn Where to Find Them and How to Catch Them from Fishing Guide Scott Collinsworth of Fort Peck Marina!!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale and the Captain of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show sat down with Fort Peck Fishing Guide, Scott Collinsworth. Scott and his wife Jess are also the owners of Fort Peck Marina on the incredible Fort Peck Reservoir. One of the many topics that Rigger and the Captain talked with Scott about is the idea of someone that is not familiar with such a massive lake like Fort Peck, using a Fishing Guide like Scott to learn where to find amd catch all the different species of fish that the lake has to offer. They talked all about how to find the “Big Uns” like, well, none other than the King of Fort Peck Reservoir the Mighty Chinook Salmon! Catching 20 plus pounders is not unusual but as Scott explained it can be a real grind for even the most experienced fishermen that has been fishing Fort Peck for years. Thus, Rigger’s idea of hiring a guide like Scott if you are a newcomer to the 134-mile-long lake. The Big Blackjaws were not all the boys discussed, however. Scott also gave out all kinds of great advice and described some of his most successful techniques for finding and catching HUGE Walleyes, some VERY FEISTY Smallmouth Bass, big Pike and Massive Lake Trout! When you click here to listen to this Podcast it will be like getting a personal seminar from one of the top guides in all of Montana. Better yet why not go out fishing with Scott one of these days? Another thing you will learn about when you click here to listen to the Podcast is a TON about Fort Peck Marina, the campground, tackle shop and the wonderful restaurant and bar. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast because there is fantastic advice that you will get from jigging techniques, tackle suggestions, when to go after the big Salmon, and much, much more. As Rigger put it; “Scott is an incredible teacher, he explains things so dang well and his ideas and overall approach to becoming a better fishermen are fascinating. I can’t wait to get out on the water and try what I have learned!! Lookout Blackjaws I’m coming for ya!!”

For mor information about Fort Peck Marina, the Campground, Restaurant, Tackle Shop and the Guide Service just click here. If you have questions for Scott, just call and leave a message for him at (406) 526-3442 and he will call you back after he gets done guiding some lucky folks through another great day out on Fort Peck Reservoir. Make sure you shoot your old buddy Downrigger Dale an email too and let him know what you thought of this podcast and give him your ideas for future podcast topics! Click here to send Rigger an email. You can also just click Text Link on the Podcast Page.

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