SAS-SQUASH BURGERS!!! by Montana grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 9, 2024

Burgers are America’s best fast food. The grilled, smoked, fried, or baked hamburger can be prepared in many ways and has many fixins put on top. Great Burgers are fun to eat and make. 

My son recently made us his take on grilled burgers. After getting him a new grill a few years ago, Kyle has become a Grand Grill Master.  Every new grill item has a different take on more traditional recipes. 

This Burger is a takeoff of a “Smash Burger” style sandwich. Being a Burger Connoisseur, I am a hard sell when it comes to the “Best Burger”. In some ways the best burger is one that I make myself. Most bar or restaurant burgers are less juicy and more about the fixins than the meat. Whenever you get to make, adjust, and adapt a recipe, you also get to rename it. 

So here is my take on my son’s Sas-Squash Burger.

1 lb. of 80/20 ground beef.  Wild game ground meat needs to have a little fat mixed in. 

Quality English Muffins    Regular burger buns are ok but English Muffins hold together better. A Brioche bun, or a real hard roll, works as well. Regular buns fall apart. 

1 sweet onion     Slice paper thin. You can also mix in a Vidalia or a red onion. 

Cheddar sliced cheese   You can also use Havarti or gorgonzola slices.

Favorite condiments.    Less is more here. Mayo, thin sliced tomatoes, fried bacon, or… My favorite is mayo, tomato, and maybe pickles.

Blend the ground meat with some Burger spices. Salt and Pepper are fine, but Burger seasonings are common at the store. Use a cookie scooper or your hands to roll the meat into balls around the size of a pool ball. Bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball. Place on waxed paper and let rest.

A “Squatch Squash Burger” needs high heat. Put the grill on high and place a cast iron griddle or plan atop. Add some Butter or Butter infused Olive Oil. Place the thin sliced onions on the grill and cook. Once the onions begin to caramelize, form them into piles for the number of burgers you plan to make.

Place the burger balls on each pile of designated onions. Now take a piece of parchment paper to put on top the meatball and smash the ball into a larger burger. The paper or foil keeps the meat from sticking to the press. You can use a grill press tool or in a pinch, a long neck bottle. Don’t use your Big Foot. The “smash” makes the burger cook quicker. You only need one minute per side. In a pinch, use the spatula.

Once the emat is cooked, it will get smaller in diameter. Now place a slice of cheese on top and let melt. When the cheese melts, spatula the Sas-Squash Burgers on to a serving plate. and let set.

While the meat rests, butter and toast the English muffins. Place one or two Sas-Squash Smash burgers onto the muffin. I place some mayo on the bottom roll first. The Chick Filet sauces are also a hit. Now add your pickle or thin sliced tomatoes. If you have some precooked bacon slices, now is the time to add them on. The sharp cheddar cheese is fantastic but its fun to mix and match per your personal tastes.

The Sas-Squash Burger is a manageable and textured burger. There are layers of flavor and crunchy textures. Feel free to add some hot sauce, lettuce, or whatever else you enjoy. The flatter, fried burger means an easier fit into your mouth.

Another way to make and present these burgers is by making them into Sas-Squash Sliders. Slice a whole packet of dinner rolls or the Hawaiian Style buns, in half. Butter and grill them as one unit. Then make the meat and toppings to fit the smaller sandwiches. Build the Burgers all a t once, add the top bun and then cut them apart. 

Now I know that everyone posts their version of the “Best” recipe. If you are looking for a truly fantastic burger that you can make yourself, the Sas-Squash Burger is the Best! Even Yetis like it!

This recipe is a keeper.

Montana Grant

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