Brett French reports: Yellowstone’s wolf queen
By angelamontana

Posted: July 4, 2024

An 11-year-old, one-eyed female wolf that lives in Yellowstone National Park has led an amazing life. The wolf, named 907F based on her collar number, is a member of the Junction Butte pack that lives in the park’s northeast corner. Consequently, the pack is visible to researchers and wolf watchers allowing them to relate some amazing details concerning this one animal. For example, 907F’s sister killed all of her pups one year, eating some and burying others. 907F’s mate, which came from a rival pack, was probably involved in killing her father. That same father, when examined following his death, had a broken lower jaw that he’d lived with for months. 907F isn’t the oldest wolf to ever live in the park. That honor goes to another female that lived to 12.5 years old. The question among wolf watchers is whether 907F can meet or exceed the 12.5-year mark. To learn more about 907F’s wild life, check out my story at

Written by Brett French | Outdoors Editor | Billings Gazette Communications
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