WHITE BUFFALO by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: July 5, 2024

The birth of a White Buffalo, in Yellowstone National Park has become big news. Last month, a small white buffalo was seen among a herd of bison. Everyone became excited and cameras were snapping pictures. 

Recently, the little white buffalo has gone missing. It has not been seen in several days. It may have wandered off with the herd or failed to survive. Last year a man was given a ticket by park rangers for saving a drowning baby bison trying to cross the Yellowstone River. We are that nature knows best and to leave all wild critters alone and to their natural fate.

Why is the buffalo white? This color is a genetic mutation that shows up occasionally. The white hair makes this bison an albino if it also has pink eyes. Other mutations can also occur. Buffalo can be born completely black or piebald. A blend of white, brown, and black are all possible. 

Native peoples have always thought the white buffalo or other mutations to be sacred. Hunters would harvest these unique beasts. The hide and skull would be tanned and preserved. Artwork would adorn the remains and a celebration honoring the sacred bison would occur. These sacred mementos were then placed atop a high place and given to the great spirits. The meat was not considered sacred and was eaten. 

Wooden Leg, a Cheyenne warrior talks about these “sacreds” in his memoirs. He had fought against Custer and survived on the plains of Montana. His book is interesting and a great read.

Local native people performed a ceremony and honored this new white buffalo. It was given the name “Wakan Gli,” which means “Return Sacred,” in Lakota language.

This recent white buffalo stands out in the crowd. Predators in the park like bears, wolves, coyotes, and eagles could easily prey upon a white animal. It is hard to hide from danger when you are so obvious to see. Mutants also tend to have other weaknesses or health issues. It is possible to grow older, especially if other buffalo is protecting the critter, in a larger herd. It has happened before.

White Buffalo, deer, moose, elk, and all mutations happen. Perhaps the little white buffalo is just wandering in a large herd off the beaten track. 

Maybe it will grow large enough for Ted Nugent to ride it during a concert.

Montana Grant

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