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When a praying mantis is hungry, it eats!

You may know that a praying mantis can eat a hummi

Praying Mantis Preys on Hummingbird [VIDEO]

Many of us see praying mantis insects every now an

Notice of fake FWP surveys potentially from antis

Here is a message from FWP that a friend, Lance Jo

Anti-hunters harass hunter in typical fashion

Just anti-hunters being antis a couple of years ag

A few facts about Hummingbirds

 They’ve Got the Moves No other birds can f

Great American Outdoors Act Provides Funding For Local Projects

(Bozeman, MT) March 10, 2021 – The Custer Galla

Wolf sets off trap on foot and doesn’t even realize it [VIDEO]

Okay, you antis that are trolling this page to see

Tony Incashola, Jr.

2020 Final Fall Mack Days Results

The 2020 Fall Mack Days Fishing Event with up to $

Anti-Trapping event scheduled in Missoula…again

You don’t have to be a trapper to understand

When trees attack… [VIDEO]

This does happen out there and actually can (and d

You Never Know What Will Find You Hunting [VIDEO]

Well, how about that. lol  It appears that some a


Sage is native plant that Native peoples have used


On a camping trip to a remote secret fishing hole,


Wilderness survival knowledge can save your life.

Ladies Carry (with Colonel Smoothbore)

We humans come in an incredible number of body typ


Citing biblical scripture, Christian numerologist

21 Canada Geese Left to Waste near Glasgow (via FWP)

You know….I am really more and more convince

Wolf Released with Help of Plywood [VIDEO]

Wolf trapping season in Montana starts next month!

Hide It (with Colonel Smoothbore)

There are two types of concealed carry, off body a

Attention Montana Drivers! Why Did the Fish Cross the Road?

Have you ever seen the carcass data from the Mont

Want a Montanan directing the NRA? Here’s your chance.

A 30-year old woman from Montana is running for th

Urine Uses! (by Montana Grant)

Recently I wrote an article about why is important