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Buffalo Hot Legs Recipe

Don’t settle for bar room chicken wings̷

Cheesy, Potato Fish Pie Recipe

Regardless of what kind of fish you have caught an

Deer Camp Cheese Dip Recipe with Ground Elk

What is better at deer camp than this cheesy, flav

Tasty Beaver Recipe

Everybody, especially people who don’t trap,

Pickled Deer Tongue Recipe

Some people like to use the entire animal, and man

Fish Pie Recipe

Does the idea of turning your fish into a cheesy p

Super Simple Deer Camp Chili Recipe

Don’t waste unnecessary time searching for t

Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll Recipe

Just when you think you have tried everything with

Jumbo Perch: Chili Peanut Perch Recipe

Have you been successful out there on the ice, and

Elk Heart Taco Recipe

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we wanted

Wild Turkey White Chili Recipe

Yummmmm.  With all the cold weather taking over M

Mountain Lion Appetizer recipe

Have you ever tried mountain lion?

Gluten-Free Vegan Dinner Recipe in Time for Christmas

No, definitely not seriously…totally kidding

Rocky Mountain Elk Chili Recipe

With Montana’s general season over, many hun

Small Fish in a Big Pond: This Viral Salmon Recipe Will Rock Your World

Grab your roasted seaweed and wrap up some of this

Walleye Wednesday: Walleye Chowder Recipe

Just in time for the temperatures to drop in Monta

Taco Tuesday: Fish Taco Sauce Recipe

If you are looking for a new fish taco sauce, then

The best wolf meat recipe EVER

If you think that you haven’t found the perf

Waterfowl Wednesday: 30 Minute Duck Noodle Soup Recipe

It’s Waterfowl Wednesday, and with the air c

Venison Cowboy Casserole Recipe

What is not to love about a good ol meat and potat

Venison Pot Stickers Recipe

Use your venison to make pot stickers!  Here̵

Manicotti just got better with this recipe….

Just when you think manicotti can’t get any

Trout Taco Recipe — Delish!

If you like fish tacos, you will love this recipe.

Wild Turkey Fried Rice Recipe

Wild turkey fried rice?  YES, PLEASE! Here’