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Gordon Ramsay’s Venison With A Red Wine & Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Just because you have red wine and chocolate sauce

Bison Lasagna Recipe by Bear Mountain Bison

This lasagna might take a bit longer to make, but

Hot Honey Squirrel Recipe

Squirrel meat is FANTASTIC when you cook it right!

Crockpot Beaver Roast Slow Cooker Recipe

Some people say they only kill what they eat.  So

Pulled Mountain Lion Tacos Recipe

Looking for a purrfect mountain lion recipe?  Loo

Walleye Wednesday: Skin-on Walley Carbonara Recipe

From the water to your plate!  If you think you h

Elk Nuggets Recipe

Ditch the chicken, and cook up some elk nuggets to

“The Best Damn Walleye Recipe Ever”

Do you think you have the best walleye recipe?  W

Antelope Meatloaf Recipe

Don’t make your meatloaf with beef — t

Walleye Wednesday: Walleye Bisque Recipe

It’s WALLEYE WEDNESDAY, folks!  We have a W

Creamy Morel Mushroom Pasta Recipe

If you are one of the lucky ones that has some mor

Walleye Wednesday: Bacon Walleye Pinwheels Recipe

It’s WALLEYE WEDNESDAY, so let’s mix o

Buffalo Hot Legs Recipe

Don’t settle for bar room chicken wings̷

Cheesy, Potato Fish Pie Recipe

Regardless of what kind of fish you have caught an

Deer Camp Cheese Dip Recipe with Ground Elk

What is better at deer camp than this cheesy, flav

Tasty Beaver Recipe

Everybody, especially people who don’t trap,

Pickled Deer Tongue Recipe

Some people like to use the entire animal, and man

Fish Pie Recipe

Does the idea of turning your fish into a cheesy p

Super Simple Deer Camp Chili Recipe

Don’t waste unnecessary time searching for t

Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll Recipe

Just when you think you have tried everything with

Jumbo Perch: Chili Peanut Perch Recipe

Have you been successful out there on the ice, and

Elk Heart Taco Recipe

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we wanted

Wild Turkey White Chili Recipe

Yummmmm.  With all the cold weather taking over M

Mountain Lion Appetizer recipe

Have you ever tried mountain lion?

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