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Walleye Wednesday: Walleye Chowder Recipe

Just in time for the temperatures to drop in Monta

Taco Tuesday: Fish Taco Sauce Recipe

If you are looking for a new fish taco sauce, then

The best wolf meat recipe EVER

If you think that you haven’t found the perf

Waterfowl Wednesday: 30 Minute Duck Noodle Soup Recipe

It’s Waterfowl Wednesday, and with the air c

Venison Cowboy Casserole Recipe

What is not to love about a good ol meat and potat

Venison Pot Stickers Recipe

Use your venison to make pot stickers!  Here̵

Manicotti just got better with this recipe….

Just when you think manicotti can’t get any

Trout Taco Recipe — Delish!

If you like fish tacos, you will love this recipe.

Wild Turkey Fried Rice Recipe

Wild turkey fried rice?  YES, PLEASE! Here’

Walleye Chowder Recipe

How about turning your walleye into a delicious wa

Venison Salisbury Steak Recipe

Salisbury steak is a favorite to many, but why don

Trout Cakes Recipe

If you like crab cakes, and you have some trout yo

Pheasant Mac and Cheese Recipe

Mac and cheese can also include pheasant!

Kokanee Egg Rolls Recipe

If you end up catching some kokanee in the Flathea

Wild Turkey Dumplings Recipe

If you were one of the hunters who tagged a turkey

Spaghetti and Bear Meat Meatballs Recipe

We don’t know too many people that are anti-

Walleye Melt Sandwich Recipe

There are a lot of things you can do with walleye,

Black Bear Pizza Recipe

So, you tagged a black bear during the 2020 season

Fish Chowder Recipe…Yum

There’s nothing better than a hot bowl of st

Shredded Smoked Kokanee Sandwich Recipe

If you have caught kokanee lately, just smoking it

goose recipe

Easiest Shredded BBQ Canada Goose Recipe

In celebration of the goose hunters’ success

Walleye Fish Cakes Recipe

So, you were fishing this season, and you caught s

Buffalo Hot Legs Recipe

Sticking with the small game theme for today, here

Savory Goose Stew Recipe

For the hunters out there bringing home goose meat

Super Simple Pickled Fish Recipe

If you’re looking for a new pickled fish rec