By Montana Grant

Posted: September 24, 2022

Slip Bobbers are a great way to present your bait vertically. Most lakes are lower than normal at this time of the year. Using a slip bobber allows you to cast out far and present the bait exactly.

If you are using a bobber stop, the bobber will allow the bait to sink at a certain depth. Without a bobber stop, you can reel in as you jig the bobber back toward shallow water. The problem with the Bobber Stops is that hey impede casting smoothly. 

If the Bobber stop is wound onto the reels spool in the middle of the spool, it will act like a knot and catch any line trying to leave the spool. This makes for a short cast or a busted line. 

The way to avoid this is to wind the bobber stop onto the back edge of the spool. Locate the stop and lay it where you want it, then reel in as normal. You can do this with a micro swivel stop as well. When you cast, the stop will simply unwind and not snag any line on the way.

There are other ways to keep your casts smooth. Use a little metal polish on each guide. A Q-tip is an easy way to clean and polish the guides. I also smooth/ polish my rod blank with Armor All. Do the same to your reel. The bail and line guide can be smoothed out easily.

Between line changes, clean and polish the empty spool. Now when you add line there will be less friction. Especially polish any area the line may touch. Longer, machined spools make for smoother and more accurate casts.

Quality fishing line makes a huge difference when making smoother casts. Cheapo lines make for crappy casting.

My favorite reel style is the Daiwa Tournament series. These spinning reels contain steel ball bearings, and other features that make for smoother casts. The other great feature of this reel is the amazing, smooth drag. All my personal spinning reels are the same model but in different sizzes. This means that every reel operates and functions the same. Some parts are interchangeable. 

Great reels are not cheaper reels. You pay for smoother performance.

Montana Grant

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