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Shredded Smoked Kokanee Sandwich Recipe

If you have caught kokanee lately, just smoking it

Jalapeno popper Salmon Pinwheels!!

Whether you got salmon or even steelhead, here is

Steelhead Dip Recipe

Mmmmm. Steelhead fishing is so fun, and steelhead

Fish Casserole Recipe

So, you’re trying to figure out what to do w

Simple Smoked Trout Recipe [VIDEO]

Here is a super simple smoked trout recipe for tho

Get YOUR Salmon Bite on with Tacos!

The easiest fish tacos you will ever make!  With

Five Minute Fish Meal [VIDEO]

Have some fish you want to cook, but you aren̵

Honey-Fried Walleye Recipe

Walleye is a favorite of many–for good reaso

Walleye Cheek Meat Recipe–with How-To Video

Many anglers say that walleye cheek meat is the mo

Whitefish Goulash Recipe

Here’s another way to eat up that delicious

Pickled Whitefish Recipe

We have seen an awesome recipe for whitefish by Je

Fried Fish Cake Recipe

If you’ve got the setup and know how, you ca

Another AWESOME Chinook Salmon Recipe

We showed you how to smoke the chinook salmon we h

JB’s Trout Recipe

I asked Deadeye Denny’s wife Jennifer Bedard

Angler’s Breakfast – Fish Pancakes

I imagine you could try this out with any type of

“As Good As It Gets” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle

Well for all the hunters like me, who have been ou

Orange Grilled Whitefish Recipe–for Those Who Found the Bite!

Have you been fortunate enough to experience the e

Fish Snack Sticks Recipe

Richard Demler, a Michigan taxidermist and avid fi

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

(photo courtesy of   Wondering what

“Fort Peckin” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle

(Photo: Gators, One of the funnest fresh water fis

Shrimp And Perch Wraps

What you need. Two pounds jumbo shrimp (peel and c

Walleye Shore Lunch Fish Recipe

This is a great recipe to fire up right on the sho

Salmon Croquettes

What you need. One pound of cooked and boned salmo

Seared Paddlefish

What you need. Four paddlefish steaks – abou