wildlife encounter

Close Encounter of the Grizzly Bear Kind….

Just a reminder to everybody that wildlife is wild

Momma Grizzly Bear Charges Drift Boat with Cubs at Her Side

Have you had any experiences with grizzly bears in

Moose Attack Turns Deadly

What would YOU do if you were attacked by a moose

Snowboarder Fined for Chasing Moose at Whitefish Mountain Resort

A Whitefish high schooler was issued a citation fo

How Close Have YOU Been to a Big Bugling Bull Elk?

I can’t say I have ever encountered a bull e

This Buck Likes Blondes…

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you

Buck Crashes through Travel Trailer and Found Alive Inside

When we’re hunting, the idea of a buck comin

Man Catches Photos of Lion that Has Its Eye on his Kids Playing

It was a typical winter evening a few years ago in

Goose Attacks Dog–Dog Takes the Higher Road

How well-trained is your dog?  Well-trained enoug

Up Close and Personal: Bobcat Feasts on a Gut Pile in Northern Idaho

How close have you been to a bobcat? Kyle Douglass

Grizzly Weekend: Brett French Radio Show Preview

It’s a grizzly weekend in Billings on Saturday a

Bull Tragically Drowns while Antlers Locked to a Dead Bull

The following videos were taken of a sad and tragi

Bull Moose Chases Cow in Yard

In Montana, a lot of us see deer in our yards, whi

A Bear Walks Into a Bar…Literally

Montana definitely has its share of black bears an

Dog Drinks Water and Is Eaten by an Alligator

It is a good thing we don’t have alligators

Moose Accidentally “Hangs Out” 50 Feet in the Air

This story was verified on snopes.com, if that mea

Wolf Attacks Bicyclist while Riding from Idaho to Alaska

Remember the man on the motorcycle in Canada that

Habituated Black Bear Euthanized Near Bigfork

FWP bear biologists euthanized a 1.5 year-old, 85

Buck Stuck in Combine

In late September of 2012, a nice 5×5 buck s

Increased Black Bear Sightings in Area

FORSYTH, Mont.—Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Grizzly Bear Euthanized Following Sheep Kills

A 3-year-old male grizzly bear was euthanized at t

Leopard Mistaken for a Bobcat Killed Prowling Backyard

In Indiana, it is legal to keep an exotic animal a

Man on Motorcycle Takes Pictures of the Wolf Chasing Him

(all photos courtesy of Tim Bartlett)   Wolves se

Crash Landing for Two Bald Eagles on Airport Runway

(photos courtesy of Randy Hanzal, conservation off