Turkey Recipes

Wild Turkey Salad Sandwiches!

If wild turkey is on the menu, but you’re ju

Creamy Wild Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone, but

Cheddar Jalapeno Turkey Burger

Many people don’t care for wild turkey meat.

Wild Turkey Enchiladas Recipe

Have some turkey meat?  Try this!

Wild Turkey Fettuccine Alfredo

If you’re not doing the carnivore diet or th


Once you try this recipe, you will be infected! Ch


Wild birds are so much fun to hunt but can be a li


The classic Thanksgiving holiday is rolling around

Turkey Tuesday: Smoked Wild Turkey Jalapeno Poppers

It’s Turkey Tuesday, and that means it’


Wild game birds are not tender and juicy. To survi

Wild Turkey Apple Sausage

While some people aren’t a fan of wild turke

Wild Turkey Fried Rice

It’s turkey time!  Turn your turkey into fr

Wild Turkey White Chili Recipe

Yummmmm.  With all the cold weather taking over M

Keep it simple with this Wild Turkey Breakfast Casserole

Mix up your breakfast with this easy recipe:


Creative ways to use up pheasants, turkey, Geese,

Wild Turkey Jalapeno Poppers

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, we wanted to sha

It’s Turkey Taco Tuesday!

Don’t be stuck with boring beef tacos —

Wild Turkey Fried Rice Recipe

Wild turkey fried rice?  YES, PLEASE! Here’

Crock Pot Wild Turkey Taquitos

For those tagging a spring turkey, this one is for

Wild turkey avocado spring rolls

Turn these turkey spring rolls into your wild turk

Wild Turkey Dumplings Recipe

If you were one of the hunters who tagged a turkey

Mozzerella Stuffed Wild Turkey Meatballs

Yum……Mozzerella-stuffed meatballs made

Wild Turkey Apple Sausage Recipe

Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving dinner &#

Wild Turkey Gobbler Poppers Recipe

If you tagged a turkey this year, this is for you!

Turkey Chili with Cornbread Dumplings? Yes, Please! [VIDEO]

Did ya tag a turkey this season?  If so, here is

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