Ice Fishing Contests 2015-2016….Any Comments?

Ice fishing may not be on anybody’s mind in Montana, being that it is still July, but now is t

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If you Like Guns, You Will LOVE This…

Guns are awesome.  What’s not to love about shooting?  There is something incredibly powerfu

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2015 Hell Creek Men’s Walleye Tournament – Final Results

The final day of the Hell Creek Mens Walleye Tournament has concluded. Both days hot weather faced t


Trigger Ties For First And Last Place At Lake Como Triathlon (humor)

Ramblings from a 2015 Lake Como Triathlon finisher who competed against himself because none else wa


Improve Your Bow Shooting With Video

The difference between tight groups and sloppy shooting is shooting form. Assuming your bow is tuned


Can Solunar Tables Put More Fish In Your Boat?

With the Dog Days of Summer officially here finding fish is more like a wild goose chase than an ac

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Another Blast from the Past – Not So New Smiths (with Colonel Smoothbore)

We in the process of moving this week so here’s another blast from the past; hope you enjoy it. On

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2015 Hell Creek Men’s Walleye Tournament – Day One Results

Day one of the Hell Creek Walleye Tournament has concluded.  Here are the top five teams out of a f

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opportunity bank

Listen to Last Week’s Show 7/25/15

The Captain tackled Tiber Resevoir and he had a lot to say about his recent trip. Good fishing remai


Montana Statewide Fishing Reports 7/25/15

Some hoot owl restrictions still remain in effect in parts of Montana, but otherwise fishing is stil

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Grizzly Lakes, Tough but Rewarding – Zeroing In On The Bitterroots 101 Lakes

The Grizzly Lakes in Montana’s Bitterroot National Forest are 15.5 miles from the trail head w


Daly Days, Brew Fest, Games and More All Weekend In Hamilton, MT

DOWN TOWN – Hamilton, Montana has just one big event each year and it lasts three days with ac

broad heads in a circle

How To Choose The Right Broad Head (or the wrong one) [caution hunting pics]

Big Game archery seasons open up in Montana in less than a month.  Surprised?  Antelope season is


Captain Tackles Tiber!

Captain finished up the Tiber fishing trip catching a nice northern pike. He also met weekly MORS r

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FWP Looking for Input in Planning for the Future; Missoula Listening Session set for July 30

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is looking for public input on values, needs and priorities

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Elk Hurd

High Elk Populations May Cause Increased Days for Elk Hunting

Elk population in Montana has been on the steady increase over the last 10 years or so, which has pu


Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors (7.24.15)

Hunting:  Archery season opens in less than 2 months away with opening day for archery on Sept. 5th

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Motorized Route Backpacking: Brett French Radio Show Preview

At the risk of making ATV riders mad, I backpacked up a motorized route last weekend. None of the fo

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