Donations Provide Free Bear Spray to Some Blackfoot Hunters

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is working with local partners to get free bear spray and safety

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Pike Interferes with Angler’s Catch and Release…

This angler’s catch and release was interrupted by Mr. Pike….

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Montana Wolf Harvest Update as of 10.18.14

The numbers are in from FWP, and the last seven days of Montana’s wolf hunting season brought

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Martin Harry Toby will elk

Why Do You Hunt?

Every season brings new challenges and reflection from seasons past.  We change our outlook on hun

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A basic survival shelter.

Seven Survival Rules

     What happens when your headlamp goes out, it’s dark, cold and the wind (at least you thin

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A hunter carrying her rifle properly along with all the other safety essentials.  Be Safe!

The Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety

Hunting season, arguably the best time of year will be here in less than a week. We should all be at

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Assault Rifles? THEY ARE NOT! (by Colonel Smoothbore)

Eugene Morrison Stoner was born in Gosport Indiana on November 22, 1922.  Stoner is the designer of

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Family hunting memories last.

Hunting With Family Provides Lasting Memories

Hunting season reminds me of crisp autumn days following my father around as he hunted small game li

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So Close the Deer Touched My Pants Screen Grab

So Close the Deer Touched My Pants [VIDEO]

How close is too close?  That’s like asking how cool is too cool! With Big Game season fast a

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A Family of Bobcats in their Element [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what a family of bobcats looks like when they are just hanging out? Wonder no

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Listen to Last Week’s Show 10/18/14

Did you miss the latest episode of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show? Have no fear, you can hear all th


Montana Hunting and Fishing Reports 10/18/14

Seeing lots of successful antelope hunters across Montana and looking ahead at the opener of general


How to Quarter an Elk Without Dressing in Under 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

For a vast majority of my life, every elk I have tagged has came out whole. With changes in access o

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Missoula Angler Lands Impressive Brown

Missoula angler, Jordan Thompson, took a little roadtrip to Wyoming in search of some fishing. While

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