Fish Popsicles? It Happens!

Fish Popsicle 2

Sometimes, ice activities can be mostly uneventful, but other times, you can come across things that make you go “hmm”. The fish popsicle, pictured below, was discovered by a family in December of 2010 while they were ice skating in Norway.  According to a blog entry at, they noticed an immobile fish and cut […]

Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 12.22.13


Report compiled by Carol Henckell Please be advised that conditions can change daily so please call the contact person in the area you are planning on fishing for current daily information.  Weather is changing constantly and some days wind and snow can be a big factor. Ice conditions are dangerous so be very aware of […]

“A Day In a Tree!” by Montana Grant


Deer hunting changes with the seasons and locations. After years of long distant shooting and stalking “whiteys and Mulies” in Montana, I returned to Maryland this fall and enjoyed hunting from a tree stand. Hunting in tree stands is a huge advantage for the hunter. A deer’s vision tends to be more horizon to horizon […]

Wolves Kill Two Shetland Ponies in Glacier County


Two Shetland ponies were killed by wolves in October, according to Montana’s Livestock Loss Board.  The incident was reported to have occurred in Glacier County.  The USDA investigations typically take approximately a month, and then the Livestock Loss Board receives the claims.  This verified claim just came in today. If you are a livestock owner […]



MILES CITY, Mont.– Live bait fish cannot legally be transported across state lines, into or out of Montana (Montana ARM 12.7.201(5)). This can make using them more difficult for individuals living in one state and fishing just across the border in Montana. In order to help anglers abide by the regulation and have a positive […]

Six Missoula Bowhunter Education Classes Offered in 2014


Six bowhunter education classes will be offered in Missoula in 2014, with the first two classes scheduled for January 18 and February 1. Online registration and the complete class schedule can be found at Montana also offers online bowhunter education classes for anyone 18 years and older. Most of the coursework is completed online, […]

Montana’s Wolf Harvest Update as of 12.22.13


Wolf Management Unit 313 remains the only WMU closure in Montana, with WMU 101 holding the highest harvest number of 17 wolves taken so far this season.  Ten of the 117 total wolves taken during Montana’s wolf season this year have been taken via trapping. (Information via Montana FWP; Cover photo:

Why Did the Moose Cross the Road?


Although this video footage was not captured in Montana, it is very possible that something like this could happen in Montana.  So, with all of the traveling you plan on doing this holiday season, PLEASE be careful, and don’t forget that Montana’s wildlife doesn’t always use crosswalks to cross the road.  Be safe and cautious!

A little Christmas Advice and a big Merry Christmas from Colonel Smoothbore


I’ve been away from the keyboard for a couple of weeks; it’s good to be back. Thank you to the Captain and Outdoor Aly for their help while I have been rehabilitating my new knee. Although the rehab is somewhat slow and quite arduous, I am really optimistic about my future ability to enjoy our […]

“Birthday Tuna Trout” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle

tuna trout

Does it get any better than spending your birthday standing over an ice hole with jigging rod in hand anticipating that “thunk”?!?! While spending my birthday doing exactly this, I thought to myself, “is there anywhere else I would rather be…NOPE!” While getting lost in the thought of feeling very blessed to be able to […]

Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons 12.20.13


Hunting: Our gun liquidation sale is going on now! Even if your preferred season is over you can still hunt for great deals in our hunting department. Mountain lion season (with hounds) is in full swing and ends April 14th. Wolf hunting season is still going through March 15th. (Wolf trapping ends on February 28) […]

Shane Clouse to be a Guest on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show Christmas Special


The Captain and his crew want to give our listeners a special Christmas Gift this Saturday. Montana’s own Shane Clouse will join us the Saturday on our special Christmas Show. Many of you, I am sure, have heard his signature song about Montana called Montana Matters. (For more information on Shane Clouse and his music, […]

Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons 12.20.13


Hunting: Our gun liquidation sale is going on now! Even if your preferred season is over you can still hunt for great deals in our hunting department. Mountain lion season (with hounds) is in full swing and ends April 14th. Wolf season is still going through March 15th. Duck and Goose runs though the first […]