Oh My! Rifle blows up in shooter’s hands while shooting [VIDEO]

This is exactly what nobody wants to happen at any


Sling shots have been around for centuries. These

Turning Money Into Noise (by Colonel Smoothbore)

Memorial weekend is just one week away and I’m s

Man shoots .50 Cal out back door from inside house [VIDEO]

Some people will go to any length to prove that a

Gotta love those kids that can shoot! [VIDEO]

Gotta love it when kids know how to shoot and are

Long Range Shooting on a Budget [VIDEO]

Long range hunting is controversial, but what are


Trijicon has just released a new range finder with

Gals and Guns – Women’s Basic Handgun/Concealed Weapon’s Permit

This course is Montana Tactical Firearms Instructi


As other hunting seasons open, the fields and fore


I recently read an article by Dave Petzal. This ex

8th Annual Big Timber 3D Archery Shoot

Mark your calendars for the 8th annual Big Timber

Trick Shots [VIDEO]

Some people have mastered trick shots, and here is

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A few weeks ago I discussed the importance of prot

Tack Driver Loads (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Last week I described the varmint/target rifle tha

Syren Song (with Colonel Smoothbore)

In the Odyssey, Homer wrote of Greek mythological


 Practice for your perfect shot. Understand all t


Shotgun shooting is a year around sport. Practicin

Learn the Basics of Long Range Shooting

Have you wanted to learn the fundamentals of basic


Hunters pride themselves on being marksmen. Sadly,

10th Annual Shoot for the Cure MT – July 14-15

Here is an example of a silent auction item: Like

Goose Gettin’ Value (with Colonel Smoothbore)

O.F. Mossberg & Sons® more often simply known

Trap Shoot’n Time (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Last week I competed in my first trap shoot of the

Shotgun Patterning – Part 2 (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Before continuing with this column, I suggest you

Potpurri (with Colonel Smoothbore)

This week I’d thought it might be fun to cover a