Spring Weather and Lake Fishing Updates In The Montana Outdoor Weekly Wrap Up
By Matt Schauer

Posted: April 29, 2012

The past week, we found many of Montana’s rivers blown out, as rain and hot weather entered the state. Leonard from Roberts Bait in Great Falls told me that his rain gauge collected 1-1/4 inches of rain on Saturday. It is Spring in Montana, that’s for sure!

The Twisted Tea “Hot Fishing Spot of the Week” suddenly became “Spots” of the week! Deadeye Denny picked Flathead Lake for lake trout-Kamp Cook went with Holter for trout and I went with The Big Dry Arm on Fort Peck after Bill’s report from Rock Creek Marina. Last week the Twisted Tea fishing spot of the week was Flathead Lake for perch. Based on that information, I headed there on Monday to try my luck. The only thing that was hot was the air temperature. The fishing for us was slow. We caught lots of small males, but nothing to bring home. I guess we should have been there yesterday.

We have a couple of bald eagle videos from Youtube that we posted. Take a look, they are pretty amazing. One finds the eagle swimming to shore and the other was taken up in Alaska as a grizzly gets knocked on the head by a bald eagle.

Last week, FWP came out with a Press Release about the walleyes in Noxon Reservoir. Seems they were illegally introduced several times and they now are doing studies to see how many walleyes are in Noxon since they were first discovered by FWP in 1991. Chancy from Snappys posted a couple of pictures of walleyes he caught and released while fishing Noxon in March. The secret about Noxon walleyes is now out.

Also congratulations to Ben Campbell from Kalispell and Don Stiers from Billings they are latest winners on the Kendall Four Seasons Subaru statewide trivia that we do twice every Saturday morning on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show. Read listen and win with the Montana Outdoor Radio Show and montanaoutdoor.com

Have a Great Week a great week!



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