How A Montana Hunter Shot Two Bucks in One Hunting Season
By angelamontana

Posted: November 26, 2012

Tony Jones, a long-time Montana hunter, recently got two incredible bucks in one Montana hunting season.  He shot a trophy whitetail buck in the riverbottom in Corvallis, with his bow (click HERE for his whitetail story), and he shot a massive muley buck during rifle season with hs rifle (click HERE for his mule deer story), too.

He used his general deer tag for the mule deer he shot in eastern Montana, and he used the following license for his whitetail:

“Deer B License. Drawing only. Apply by June 1.
260-20: 300 B licenses. ArchEquip only. Not valid on Lee Metcalf Refuge.
• Sept 01 – Jan 15 — Either-sex White-tailed Deer. ArchEquip Only.”

(above license information copied from the Montana FWP regulations)

There are only 300 of these particular licenses drawn each season, and this year was Tony’s year!

Putting in for special licenses in your area can give you even more hunting opportunities than your general license offers.  Tony Jones did just that and was fortunate enough to be drawn for one, and I bet he is still smiling!



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