MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By OutdoorAly

Posted: June 30, 2013


Weather is all everyone can talk about this week around Montana. The sudden change in conditions of rainy and cool have quickly turned to hot and humid. It is always a strange transition around this time in Montana; the weather gets hot, but the rivers and lakes are still a little too cold to hop in and enjoy.

But that didn’t seem to stop many Missoulians! I captured this aerial photo earlier today of people cooling off on the Bitterroot river at Maclay Bridge.


photo: Alyson Booher


Here are a few top stories from this week:

There was a significant fish loss at a local hatchery after a power outage, full story here.

Hutterite colony members killed two Grizzly bears and tried to cover the crime. The story on drew a lot of attention and questions.

The Rainbow Gathering is taking place this week in Montana, and the post from earlier this week brought quite a variety of passionate responses on our Facebook page. If you haven’t already heard about the gathering, and are curious for more details click here.


The fishing seems to be good, here is your fishing recap:

Browns Lake has reports of trout in the deeper water. The Bitterroot River is doing well for fly fisherman in the Darby area with salmon flies, yellow Sally’s, green drakes, pmd’s, golden stones. Spring Creek near Lewstown is settling out and trout fishing is on. Tiber Reservoir near Chester has been doing well on walleye. Perch are on fire at Noxon Rapids Reservoir. Trout and northern pike are good on the lower Flathead river.


Ron Aashiem of Montana FWP says the 5th of July is the deadline for Super Tag applications. According to FWP website, you must have a current year’s conservation license to purchase SuperTag chances. Unlimited number of chances may be purchased at $5 per chance. The tag can be used in any hunting district in Montana- including Montana’s legendary trophy districts. Revenue from the new SuperTag sales is used to enhance hunting access and boost FWP enforcement efforts.

Congratulations to our trivia winners Tom Morgan of Great Falls and Jake Wurtz of Galata, and our Montana Club gift card winner Dorothy Robinson!


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