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Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors (4.29.16)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 29, 2016


  • April 9- May 15 is spring turkey season.
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  • The deadline for applications for Moose, Sheep, and Goat are May 2.

Bozeman  Fishing

The Gallatin

The river is becoming fishable again in and above the canyon, only being slightly off colored. Below the Taylor Fork, The run off is still coming in from the Bridger’s, making the water murky and dirty. While Caddis flies aren’t starting their hatch yet, the fish are still feeding  on caddis and mayfly nymphs. Stoneflies and worms are still productive, as well as small, darker colored  streamers

Suggested Flies

Dries: Griffiths Gnat


Nymphs: WD 40

Bead Head WMD Stone-Black

Copper Bob-Red, Black, Purple

Bead Head Flashback Hares Ear,

Pat’s Stone- Olive/Black, Black/Brown, Brown Olive

Bead Head Power Worm- Red, Purple,

Streamers: Brownish Bugger

Kellers Mouthwash, Black/Red

Wooly Bugger-Black

 Lower Madison

The Caddis Hatch has started! Fish have not started keying in on adults, but are going after emergers. As the hatch starts heatng up, don’t be afraid to though on something other than a caddis. Tie on a stimi Chew toy as it will give the fish something new, and they will be eager to take it. Water clarity is still low, so tie off that emerger behind a Bead Head Power worm or Pat’s stone.

Suggested Flies

Dries: X Wing Caddis- Brown, Tan.

Elk Hair Caddis- Brown, Tan, Black

Stimi Chew Toy- Yellow, Tan

Nymphs: Bead Head Power Worm- Red, Pink

Pats Stone- Black/olive, Brown, Olive

copper bob- Red, Purple

Lightning bug

Streamers- Kellers Mouth Wash- Green, tan, Black

Brownish Bugger

Conehead Wooly Bugger- Black, Brown

Upper Madison

The Upper is Still Fishing Well above Hebgen and through out the Miracle Mile, While Runoff is still happening through the lower sections of the river. Full run off should be in effect within the next 2 weeks, as Quake lake starts filling with dirt. Small streamers, along with flashy nymphs behind a stonefly should work well. BWO hatches can be spotted throughout the day, so be prepaired for the possibility of dry fly fishing!

Suggested Flies

Nymphs : Bead Head Power Worm-Red, Pink, Purple

Copper Bob- Red, Pearl, Silver

Lightning Bug- Silver, Pink

Flashback Pheasant tail

Dries:  Para BWO

Hi vis BWO

Griffiths Gnat

Streamers- Conehead Wooly Bugger- Black, Olive

Circus Peanut- Olive, Black

Kellers Mouth Wash- Olive, Yellow, Black

Zonker- White, Olive


Colder Temperatures have slowed down the runoff, allowing for better fishing along the banks, The Caddis Hatch has started on the Stone as well, so toss a CDC emerger in Tan Or an X wing Caddis a long the Bank, and watch for those rises! Streamers have also been productive along  the banks and drop offs.

Suggested Flies

Dries: X Wing Caddis- Orange, Brown, Tan

Elk Hair Caddis


Griffiths Nat

Nymphs: CDC Emerger- Orange, Tan

Copper Bob-Red, Green

Lightning bug-Silver, Pearl

Bead Head Pearl Worm

Pats Stone, Olive, Black

Kaufman Stone- Golden

Prince Nymph

Prince Hairy

Flashback Hares Ear

Streamers: Zonker- Olive

Brownish Bugger

Conehead Wooly bugger- Black, olive

Circus Peanut- Black, Olive

Conehead Maribou Muddler

Butte Fishing:

With warmer weather this past week, spring run-off has led to higher river levels with increased mud. The Big Hole River has been triple it’s earlier flow and very muddy. The river clears up at Wisdom to the source. Anglers have been catching a few trout on bright Rapalas or Panther Martins. Streamers have been effective cast in near the banks.

The Jefferson has been fishing fair to float anglers casting streamers or Rapalas. The Waterloo and Hell’s Canyon areas have been the best areas to fish. Delmo Reservoir has been fishing very well this past week. Hammered brass krocodiles have been very effective. Orange garlic marshmallows with night-crawlers are a great choice for bank fisherman.

The Clark Fork has been fishing fair North of Galen. Purple Prince Nymphs and Golden Stones have been working well.

The Beaverhead is fishing fair below Pipe organ, however, the grasshopper has been dumping mud and silt into the river. San Juan worms, golden Stone nymphs, or midges have been great choices. Rapalas and Panther Martin lures are always a good bet. Blue Winged Olives or Pale Morning Duns fish well with warm early morning temperatures.

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